Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lena's Day

I'll let the picture speaks itself ^_^
Elen's Polit
During the session
The families
Everyone and not everyone

Monday, July 27, 2015

An Inch Cut

It's not like I haven't had enough scar, I just marked a new one this morning. I hate that it happened out of my rush and clumsiness. I hate being clumsy. I hate that this scar will stay to remind me of my clumsiness. I also hate it that on top of the pain from the open wound, my arms is sore from the tetanos injection. Alright, I might be a little too dramatic here. Oh well...
Yep, that's my man-like-palm I took after my dad -__- and the damn cut!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Welcome to the blogger world, Ninja!

Tonight catch up wasn't planned. Our homes are on the same side of the town. It's very convenience for us to catch up though at the last minute. Today has no difference. Nin is in the mood for 'a' drink and I am in the mood to accompany her for 'a' drink; hence, off we went to the middle venue between our homes i.e. Metro Azukan. 

Amongst other stories we've discussed, blog is her new thing. Welcome to the blogger world, girl!!! Do find her under my friend list ;)
Metro Azukan @ TK Avenue

Leap's Wedding

Another second cousin is getting married! Leap is a daughter of Uncle Por who's my mum's cousin of my grandpa side. They lives in Oudong, my grandpa's hometown which we once in a while pay a visit. This is one of the occasion for us to do the visit. Sadly, though, we couldn't stay very late given personal agenda required in town. Hence, we returned right after lunch.
(Upper Row: Uncle Srun, Uncle Vong, B.Phoung, Uncle Ly, Groom and Bride, Aunty Socheata, Aunty Tey and Aunty La. Bottom row: Bang Ne, Uncle Por and his wife, and ME~*)

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I'm not sure if I've ever spent a night at my big brother house since he moved in a year ago. So when he asked if I wanna join my third brother to the sleepover, I said yes. Simple as that.
ME~* and my handsome brothers
Here's a peep, wine was one of our activities of the night :D

Friday, July 24, 2015

Operations Year End Party

The bank internal financial year ends in June; hence, the party ;)
(From left to right: Rida, Davy, Vanda, Chamnane, Narong, Senghorn, Bopha, Sue, Vannra, Sokveth, B.Phoan, ME~*, Vatty, Ranya and Phechlin)