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Pheanouk and Acphirouh

Pheanouk turns 3 close to a month ago. He has been able to communicate better. He speaks longer sentences like more than 3-5 words combined having subject verb and objective. He also able to connect between an incident of event to the other. He able to convey his wishes and desire better. Hence, less tandrum that I have to bear with haha... he still knock Acphirouh whenever competition arise. That still bugs me.
He amuses me more though. One of the cute thing I find amusing is when he said “lanh Acphirouh touch pros Acphirouh touch” meaning “he loves Acphirouh a little because Acphirouh is small”. That came out when I told him I love him so much and asked him how much he loves me back. He responded he loves me big and he loves papa big and everyone else big but Acphirouh is small because Acphirouh is small. 
Thanks to Mak Pov for brining the book home, Pheanouk is able to sit and trace on his own for the first time at home the number 1-10. How proud he was showing to me when he finished…

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