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Pheanouk and Acphirouh Updates

Pheanouk is 28 months while Acphirouh is 11 months. 
Pheanouk is able to form a sentence like "Papa, Nouk Nouk" meaning "Papa be with Pheanouk or Papa takes care of Pheanouk". He also able to tell a story like "Nouk Nouk Yum. Papa Tver Ka" meaning "Pheanouk cries because Papa has gone to work". He also can responded to question like this one "Why Pheanouk return home?", "Nouk Nouk Yum" as he was suppose to join a function with Papa and Nak Mday but was sent home instead.
He has been able to speak out without telling and as he faces a familiar event like "Mak Tourt Cheur" when visiting Great grandma, "Eak eak" when we pour the water out of his tub, whispering "Acphi keng" when enters a bedroom in dim light. One of the very common thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is screaming out "Dai Dai" as he wakes up, "Acphi bay" meaning "Acphi eat breakfast", "D…

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