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Selfie Day in Hong Kong Disneyland

 Let’s get on a reverse. I went to bed probably just 5mins after I took this photo. Chocolate Milk was the last thing I took for a goodnight sleep. Yes. The waiter boy was curious enough but asked only where I cam from after I order a 640ml of beer to drink while eating the crab and veggie all by myself.  Yes. That’s the famous “Under the Bridge Spicy Crab” which my order is “Mild Spicy”. Yep yep. I’m learning to eat spicy food as dad said it’s good for your health too with the right amount. Let alone forget how it burns my lips while eating. It was so good!!! My last photo from Disney which I waited 2 hours. 2 hours of sitting on the ground alone where I took the opportunity to do some stretching and obviously, being alone was given me the space needed for my legs and arms. The only part I was not enjoying was the fact that people start standing 30mns to the beginning of the program. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking when they could still sit and watch the amazing project

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