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I wasn’t having it

I went to Mango. As I checked out, I handed my Aeon Visa card for payment after hearing her inform other customers of the 5% discount. The cashier then exclaim ‘why didn’t you tell me in advance that you will pay via Aeon Visa Card!’. I didn’t response, thinking in my head that she should have asked me if that information is required before she checked them out to make her work easier. She unwrapped the items with unhappy face and rechecking them out.
The card didn’t work after two tries. She said it doesn’t work and suggest paying cash. Then I asked if I’ll get my 5% discount? She said no. Then I think in my head why would she suggest me such solution without giving informing information. I was getting annoyed.
I called the Aeon Customer Service to check what’s wrong with my card to which I was asked to go to the second floor to have my card tested. I asked the operator again has she done any check and found no issue in the card that I have to physically go to the office for the test? …

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