Monday, May 22, 2006

The song of the day

Well, tonight, don't feel sleepy so just go through every profile on the net. Finally, came up to one blog which had a title 'The song of the day'. Feel interested and decided to check it out. Guess what's it? Hehehe... quite funny, cos it's VN song. But it sounds nice to me, though I don't know the language hahhaa... try it if you wanna know why i say it's nice hehehe... ;)

He said: It's the best!

Ma buddy???

Comment PLEASE!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

1st Anniversary

Bang Phy & His lovely wife

Lovely, ain't they? Hehehe... Kinda so envy dol heuy when seeing them being nice to each other infront of us lolz... Oh... you know what? It was just last year sors that I attend their wedd. now I again being a witness of their love for one year passed hehehe...
Tell you one funny and ashame thing tov chos. Last year today, I joined their wedd. I enjoyed and then it's time to go home. I left. When I was home, I realize that I forgot to er... jorng dei (don't know what's it in Eng.) And so I phone my BF to do it for me. So funny, right? Eat and go home hahahaa... And today, this year, I join their anniversary. I don't have anything for them at all. I just go and eat hahhaa... so bad, rite? Actually, I planned to buy them flowers but I just kinda lazy to go and buy hehehe.. and what's even more than that, I didn't even write a wishing card hahaha... WORST ta morng lolz....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Joeng-Min Departure

[forgot her name] my sis, me, Joeng-Min, twin sis, korean fr, cousin

Time flies. It seems like yesterday that Joeng-Min came to stay at my home as one of the member in the family. She's the first for us to be her host family. She's cute and lovely. We all love her alot. Though it was a short time only that she stay at our house yet we still hang out and had fun with each other at any time we can when she already moved. 2years passed and it's time for her to go. I couldn't really believe that today will comes this soon. Time can no longer wait and that's the last time I can see her.

"see you in korea" she said with hope.

Friday, May 12, 2006

How to reduce stress? II

This is my first editting, I hope it looks better than the previous one hehehe...

Well, there are three ways to reduce stress.

One is talking and listening. You can be the talker or listener. Listen to someone talking can make you feel better if that someone is a joker. Or if that someone is having a worse situation than yours Cos after listening you'll feel you are not the worst. But it's more efficiency to be a talker rather than a listener Cos at this time you need to speak, just like to throw out what is so hard in your feeling. And you don't want to feel even harder to think of other ppl's problem. Thus, what you needed to do is to call your friend and tell how you feel or maybe the reason why you are strees. But make sure, your friend is not a news reporter lolz...

Two is spending. Go out and spend! You can go shopping. Buy anything you like. It can be for yourself or for anyone you want to buy for. Yet, I'd suggest to buy for yourself cos later you won't regret to have lost your money on someone else who is not yourself hehehe... . It's just quite common for human lolz... To buy stuff for yourself is just like to satisfy yourself with what you want. Feeling satisfied makes you happy. And that's when your stress is on its way back kekeke.... again, make sure your pocket is full lolz....

And three, last but not least, is speed up. Speed up? Anything is possible, as long as you have one. Car, moto, or bicycle. Drive as fast as you could so that you can reach your destination faster than usual. This means you finally be where you want to be, that is to lose the stress. And so, this is where you are, happy and no more stress hehehe... But one thing needed to clarify, make sure you are a good driver! hehehe.... so that you won't cause trouble to anybody else.

All in all, these are three things that you can do when you feel stress just like talking or listening, spending, and speeding up. Yet don't forget about the three notice, no reporter listener, no emptied pocket, no first driving hahahaha....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

How to reduce stress?

Yesterday, I feel so stress and bored. There's a reason but I'm not gonna tell what it is lolz... Well, I didn't really know how to make myself feel better so I just went out to have a drink with friend (i'm invited, actually hehehe...). I felt a little better after that. Thanks to my friend lolz... however, i felt bad again when it was time to go to school. and later worse, cos of that two boring and sleepy session lolz... so yeah, after class i called my friend to eat out and go shopping. I ate and talked, ate and talked till full, then went shopping. i looked here and there. buy this and that... oh... i just bought a new shirt. it was a nice one for me, not to others, i know. cos it looks very simple. guess wat ppl said when i buy it? there was someone saying, oh.. just a shirt like that cost 18$ de? so funny, rite? i love it and was very attracted when i first saw it and was not allowed to buy... and finally, my wish comes true, and hear such a word. yab ta mong lolz.... i still love it though. will take and post pic in here once i wear it hehehe.... anyway, after spending, i feel much better. and more when i drive home, i speed up as fast as i could which was 80km/h... hehe... a little fast in town lolz.. and yeah, i feel good. totally happy now lolz.... i just realize that i can reduce my stress with spending and racing car hahaha...

sorry, this is not a good writing cos i just write wat i remember only hahaha.... lazy to organize nass.... hehehhehehe

and so... that's it :D

Finally be posted

This is my countless times that I've try to post this pic.. and I kinda have no more feeling to write a description about this.. but yeah, it was taken since my hair, my shirt and my bag was new.... not they seem to be alittle loosing color hahahah... but really, i love the shirt and the bag alot.. not only because it look nice or the brandname of its but more because they are gift from my beloved brother n sis in-law hehehe...