Monday, November 20, 2006


November 19, 2006
Still waters run deep, but sometimes still waters turn stagnant. It's time to stir them up. Do you understand how your emotions translate into action? Are you aware of how your actions affect people?

November 20, 2006

Your message needs to get to the right people, but you're not exactly sure how to take it there. Why not sit for a while and listen to your deepest instincts? They'll have an answer for the path you should take.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back From Lucky 7

It was nice meeting yan but the other guys suck! (excluding Seth) They don't have a sense of humor. Well, not to me, I suppose. I'm mad maybe not because of them but myself not knowing enough to shut their mouth.

Sneak Peek (from office)

Guess what? I just recieved a phone call from the dean. She asked if I am free to take charge of another class. Hahahaha... I'm wondering what she thinks of me now. So good huh? Wanna give me more class to teach hehehe... I'd love to but NO, THANKS. This is alot already lolz... Can't cut myself into any more pieces lolz...

Head Back To Work!

Ok, I'm tired

Since I'm back from SG I feel so down. For whatever a real reason, there are few I wanna mention.
My work at Law Firm really suck me up. I couldn't even rest for my break time. Not that I can't but it's just everything is in a need and rush. So I just gotta do it for god sake, or maybe mine. The work is not really difficult but I need concentration. People just don't give me that. They keep talking, laughing, shouting, and bla bla bla. I don't blame them but just wonder why I could not just forget the noise and do the work. I lost my talent now :( Not to show off, I used to work easily whenever I want to no matter how much noise and many people around me. But no more now. Well, NVM. I still can finish those work in time. Yet after that, my head is aching.
Leaving Firm doesn't mean I can rest, I still need to do another job, that is teaching. I sometimes think, I decided wrongly; however, some other time, it tells me that I am lucky to be able to do this I-don't-like-thing. Though I haven't yet started do big thing for this teaching but the feeling does tired me. It keeps running through my head, I'm going to stand there with many pairs of eyes watching me, thinking what the hell is she doing here? OMG, I can't think of what's going to happen when I start to panic and sweat. Ok, Take a deep breath, exhale it when your count reach number 10. Do it three times and everthing will be just fine. Smiles to the world and so will they :)
Among the three things I'm doing, I like being a student the most. Why? I can always tell the reason. It's because I can have sometimes to relax. However, relaxing would not always be for studying cos there always are barriers to overcome in order to improve our ability. So here it goes, presentation and assigment are awaiting for me. Thanks god for they are not individual work. Not to mention, there are two small individual writing. Forget it! I'm so stressed out with the word, working. Not working as working but working as doing the work in the name of student. I do wanna do a great job and make everyone sees and knows that I can do sth. It's not a waste to have me as a group member but oh dear! When can I have time to do it? I can't spare a moment to discuss; on the contrary, I'm trying to. Tmr at 6.30pm the discussion will be held.
These are things I currently working on. I'm tired and losen up my family connection. I always have a kiss and hug from MUM each time I come and leave home. Totally 6times a day. But now, even one might not be able to have already. She's getting old and her health is not good. My work time is loaded that I usually come home late. She sometimes gone to bed, she sometimes stay in order to meet me. So I rarely meet her. For dad, sometimes for few days in a row, never met even once. I lost the warmness when there's no him to touch my head, give me advise, and tell me I always am a good daughter.
Sorry, I could no longer tell you more. I'm being too emotional. This is not the old-me. I wish I could turn back the time. Anyway, this is not a good closing but it, at least, tells you it's the end of what I'm writing.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Moment

Everywhere I look, there he is. Every step I take, there he is. Every move I made, there he is. There he is, there he is, there he is... He's everywhere around me. What else would I wish for?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hi From Sg

Two days gone unlike what had planned... Feeling not so nice yet hoping for a better one tmr... Hello From Strand Hotel :D

Saturday, November 04, 2006


DAY 1: SUNDAY 05-11-2006
Arrival: 9PM
Movie: 11PM

DAY 2: MONDAY 06-11-2006
Morning: Check Up
Noon: Shopping/ Get the Result
Night: Clubbing

DAY 3: TUESDAY 07-11-2006
Morning: Sentoza
Noon: — “—
Night: Night Club

DAY 4: WEDNESDAY 08-11-2006
Morning: Shopping
Noon: Theme Park
Night: Karaoke

Morning: Movie/ Visit Nak’s School
Noon: Shopping/ Walking to Merlion
Night: Night Safari

Morning: Nak’s house
Noon: Prepare to come back home

Friday, November 03, 2006


Why would I title this post by my name? I don't know, it just appears when i double click the title space hehe... so yeah, let it be then.

Guess what I wanna tell? The plan changed. I plan to go to SG on 4 and back on 7 but there's no ticket availble. Heck!!! I called my fr and let her book it for me since 2weeks before but hell! There's no promotion until the end of Oct. So the price is around 500$. Far beyond my ability lolz... and so is my bro's fr. But look at the price for budget airline, 200$ sth. I would take that but Jeezzz!!! My sister refused to take that airline. No comfort and smelly, she said. Then yeah, OK. Wait for the promotion which the price will be out at the end of Oct. Damn it!!! There's no promotion for this season. So 500$, take it or leave it!!! I wouldn't have that much. I called my sister if she got a way, she said her husband can help but says the price, 800$ (Biz. Class). Why on earth would I be able to afford that? So there's no way would I be able to go on 4 :(( HELP!!!

Anyway, I'll go to meet my friend and discuss about the ticket after work. I might be able to go on 5th and back on 10th for a fair price: 227$. This causes problem to my bro's fr though cos she supposed to be back to work on 8 lolz... Pray for ME!!!