Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm Complaining Again!!!

Today I woke up early, same to the first day starting exam, but I was not so early to arrived yet i was not late. It was not so good nor bad. After that I went home, planing to read some handout for another tests in the afternoon. But I just couldn't do so as when I laid down on my bed my eyes close automatically that when I woke up it was lunch time. Lazy again lolz...

Ok, then can do it after lunch. However, I still review nothing. Just as usual, I surf the net, but this time no chatting ;-) Hum... time pass quickly that it was time for going. Am I ready to go? Er... Yeah, I guess.

First session didn't take very long like what it used to as we've already done the RT2. So we just do some listening and give some comments on our work. Oh... Gosh! I didn't do the presentation! Too bad! It was a group presentation, actually, that is done on Friday 17th, when I was in Thailand. It was er... how to say? I dont know but actually, my group suppose to do it on Wednesday 15th but due to his late teaching he delayed it to Friday. I had set the plan perfectly when I decided to go with my MUM. However, it went wrong, so wrongly, that it turn me down now. To replace that I need to do a single presentation on this coming Friday, which I'm going to have an exam in the morning and oral test in the afternoon, as well as the duedate of writing review.

Hum... I am complaing again. Ok, better stop doing this but start the work or else I'll surely die.

Oh!! forgot to tell that my afternoon test was done so good, better than what I had expected. Well, cos this is my favorite subject, LS. Quite an easy one that everyone would also say the same.

Ok, end it here...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Quite an old pic yet it still nice to me ;-) Posted by Hello

Survive today, Die tomorrowy

Well, today I woke up early and dressed up faster than usual because I need to take an exam at 7. I was not the first to arrive as there were many of them when I get there. Well, the test was not so difficult as those are just what lec. had said during class. However, I miss some little questions for which I've never heard her speaking about it as I hadn't attend all the session for that subject. Actually, cos I never read any book or handout that is given. So bad! That's the result of laziness... However, I know I would pass though the mark will not be really good hehehe...

Lucky that in the afternoon I don't have any test or else I'd be so stress. However, tomorrow I would die, surely. Cos you know what? I'm going to take an exam and two tests. Damn Stupid! Why they love to have it on the same day like this? Can't they just delay for just a day or two? The subjects are WS and CS... Frankly, I've read nothing about CS till now though I know I'm going to take it tmr. This is just because I don't like that subject for which needed to memorize a lot. I hate it yet I face it alot for the major I'm taking now :-(

I'm quit!!!!

OH.. this is my luck already that needed to take only 1exam and 2tests. Actually, I was about to have 2final exams and 2tests tomorrow. But due the the kindness of my evening lec. he delay the date of that exam. However, it will fall on the same day to IFL final examination... Still bad :-(

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Finally gone

My birthday night was a painful night that i've ever felt. Never wanna sleep, though it's my favorite, as i know when i open my eyes in the next morning i'd see him gone. That's not what i want but well,... that's our future.

As i went to bed so late i was also late to see him off, so bad :( However, we still spent the last minute together. Time pass quickly that i really don't wanna go for exam. Finally, my hand is at the back of his while his is at mine. I could feel his heart beating for me as mine was doing the same. That was the last thing of all.

Wait!!! i called him in my heart !!! i was really regret to have forgotten giving him the box but luckily as a lady there knew who i'm seeking for when i was back then she told me to look up. There he is!!! I was really happy. The box handed and we're apart...


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Birthday!!!

Well, it's 12:45am already that means it's 15th June now so that's my birthday... Really happy I am that just at the right time, time turn to 12:00, friends sending me sms with wishes and love... Thanks all the friends... Love u all as well :-)


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Never want it to come this early!

14th now how about tomorrow? and the day after tomorrow? I don't expect it to come this early. Only this year that I'm not logging for my birthday. As I know, just a day after my birthday i'll see him off. And that will be the last moment of all I'd ever seen him real, being in front of me with both of his eyes looking straigh foward in mine...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Welcoming Lecturer Veacha... which is he? Posted by Hello

1exam 1test

Need to review many things for the exam and test but don't know which to be first... now sleepy already... lazy, I am :-(

Yab Man Tan

Hahahaha... Som laugh Mouy Sen... so stupid with the tag hahaha... once, at the bottom then top later middle hahaha... yab man ten I niss.... :-P

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So fun lolz... Posted by Hello

Us... Posted by Hello

Smiley!!! Posted by Hello

Wow... cool style hehehe... Posted by Hello

Try harder boys!!!! Posted by Hello

They are good, row row row... hehehehe Posted by Hello

Playground... Posted by Hello

Delicious foods are served Posted by Hello

With lecturer Posted by Hello

Ahh... two stranger, can u find who? Posted by Hello

Cooking part Posted by Hello

With Sopheap, she's not really alike to her name as she's kinda funny :-P Posted by Hello

With Thonnry at farm land, our class party Posted by Hello

Showing out the t-shirt hehehe.... Sombo Prei Kuk Posted by Hello

Clear sky with beautiful cloud... But it was Damn HOT!!! Posted by Hello

Terrible lunch, still manage to smile infront of the Camera :-P Posted by Hello

about 80ppls in that study tour... Posted by Hello

Along the way to Siem Reap. I got a t-shirt as others as it's a study tour of my sis' promotion, Master Degree, but I don't even have bachalor yet hahahaha.... Posted by Hello

Bonteay Srey Temple. The weather was really hot that we need to have a rest ;) Posted by Hello

Hum... with her again ;) [2005-06-02-Thursday] Posted by Hello

With elder sis, Kulen Mountain Posted by Hello