Sunday, August 29, 2010


Woken up by mum with rather loud noise, I and Bee got up with no delay. (Yay, DomDey is coming home.

So, we arrived PP Airport about 8.15AM. The plan was not yet landed. We waited. Bee kept checking the status. Flight from BKK arrived. Flight from S.W arrived. Then Flight from SG arrived. We ran to the exit door. We waited again. We waited still. We wai... here they come, DomDey ^_^

We headed for breakfast at Thmor Da (flo wants Num Paing Sach). We spent sometimes there. Bang Ne joined us too. So, we had a ride home with him.

Today we had crab sent from Keo Phos. Very huge and yum yum...

Look! Bang Ne is holding one of them.

Bee is holding one too

Even Dom also got hold of one

Well, ME~* too ^_^

We spent sometimes playing with the Crab before eating them hehe...


Everybody was busy digging in and paid no attention to the Cam at all lolz...

Last but not least, Elen came with a belated birthday gift ^_^Thank you, Elen oun!!!

Another last but not least, here is our little princess of the year and her mum and aunty.

Welcome Home Sissy~*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Takasugi Satomi ★ Hyaku Renka

Missing the old good-time with my girls

Here's the time to move on and to really tempting myself that it ain't gonna happen ever again. Let's lock our memory and be glad we have it to remember. I still smile whenever I think of all the happiness we shared together under one roof. The sleepless night enduring pain, endless laugh, free and wild outing,... They are all here and will always be :)

Miss Ya!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dream and Reality

Everybody has a dream but everybody lives in reality. Why should there be a dream when we only live in reality? Just don't get it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On My Finger

We’re on a trip to KPS. Here’s how we got our first chance to spend the night together at the beach. We walked for few minutes before deciding to settle for a little comfy on the sand with the company of one another. We recalled our good memories together. We went through each in detail. He asked me once again about the proposal. It’s been such a strange day how much he’s interested in getting the answer from me whenever he asked the question. But I was not fully aware the real intention until…

Suddenly, he popped the question again but with a more serious manner: “Will you accept my proposal and be my bride?” Excitement ran through my vain. I looked at him again and again. I tried to pinch my feeling. I tried to do what it has to take to make sure that I was not dreaming. Right, I was fully awake and he really had said it. He was still here and looking at me, awaited my response. Do I have to tell you my reply? The answer is too obvious.

There’s more!

”I’ve prepared a gift for you also”, said he. He moved his hand towards his pocket and pulled out what I least expected, the little box. I thought, “This maybe is a ring”. I shook my head, “It could not be”. I continued thinking, “Well, maybe it is”. Then I tried to refuse, ”Nah… it might just be a jewelry”. And he clicked the box open and there revealed all doubts.


Today 6 years ago, we made a step forward in our relationship.Today this year, we are making another step forward to a new status ^_^

Weekend @ KPS

Initially, mum wanted to bring grandma out for some relaxation since she's been not happy being in the house for too long. She then asked if we wanted to join; yes, we sure wanted to. So, off we went.

Day I

Ladies talk

Bee stretched out before the race

Bee & Pou Nak
Competitors with no winner or loser

The 3 generations @ Ream

After a rest, we went for our hotel and another beach

Nak bang and her BeeZee at the playground
Zee was too active, I couldn't get hold of her face lolz...

Kids couldn't wait to jump into the sea

Mama is more excited than Zee

Nak bang and her two beautiful daughters (Pink and Purple!!!)

Zee and Mama

Nak played it cool while I was sort of nothing

I guess I was too hungry... or maybe not.
Anyway, we ran for our dinner right after that

Dinner at Golden Sand (Chhné Meas) where DomDey held their wedd ^_^

Nak & ME~*

End of Day I

Day II

After breakfast, we went to chill at our usual beach
can't think of the name now (Shame!)

Bee & Mak Mom

Jas Jas gagaga

Hot dog and Milk

Chill by the beach

Nak & ME~*

Kids (Uncles and Niece)

Chill by the beach

After the chill out by the beach, we moved to have lunch at Dom's Parents Place, the ship sailing on the sand ^_^

Bee enjoyed the place pretty much. Just look at her wide grin!

Eating Crab
Bang Ka helped us out. Thanks to her :) It was really yum!!! We ate for you too, sissy!

Nak in front of the ship
This is shot is taken for you, sis!

Nak Bang & Zee

Then we stopped for a little rest somewhere along the way


Ladies again

Ladies except one

Mum & Nak

Bee with her style saying Goodbye for the day ^_^

Saturday, August 14, 2010

From Gin to Tonic and Ended with the Flood -_-

I was told it's good to drink before kissing. Obviously, I had it with a hope that I would get a good kiss but sadly we didn't even meet today. Plus, we had this little fight hehehehe.... Sounds like tipsy already lolz... Not yet ;) It was one of the weakest gin and tonic I've ever taken so far. And I had it at FCC. It's a friday night out with colleagues. Oh yeah, it's not our first time and it ain't the last either.Anyway, I had quite a night. The significant one is when I was all alone begging my beetle boy to move further but he couldn't. So I ended up staying in the night looking at these cuties before I was rescured lolz...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's good to get a little compliment over little tinie tiny thing likewise: "You're really good at typing! You just made no mistake at all!"

Thanks TYPING RACE! lolz...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Benefit Concert for the 2010 Cambodian Youth Arts Festival

It was awesome! I pretty much enjoyed the evening and so did my mum. Oh well, Bee was bored haha... That's just kid ;)