Monday, December 22, 2014

Team Lunch

It's an Ops tradition when new comer arrives, we arrange a lunch to welcome him/her to the family. For a change, we went to K Coffee, a nearby restaurant that serves Cambodian food, instead of Pizza company.
So it's Samorn, Senior IT officer, who's the third siting on the right.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lunch at Caravan

Caravan is an Italian's fine dining restaurant and we went for lunch. I and Nin enjoy exploring Phnom Penh and often meets at new and different restaurant. This is our first time there and I have to say I'm pleased with its $12 Set Menu, I get Caesar Salad, Grilled Sea Bass, 2 Scoop of Ice-cream and a glasses of wine. I had two glasses and so the rest of my day went like ... you know sleepy and lazy.
I prefer day light, so our table was right there on your left when entering the shop.
Nak bang decided to join us and Nin didn't mind having her there with us.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Samphy's Wedding

Remember Pheak? Same story for this good friend of mine who has been friends with for a very long time. Finally, he's decided to tie the knot as of today onwards. Congratulations!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mat Leave

Davy, Assistant Operations Support Manager, and Rumneath, Teller, are on their 35th week of pregnancy and will commence their maternity leave from tomorrow onward. Therefore, we contribute to host a little farewell party for their 3 months away from the office and got them each a beautiful bunch of flowers. We appreciate their service and look forward to their return in the next 3 months!

The girls!
Flowers were too beautiful to not taking a picture with hehe...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Away We Went

We all have crazy moments. We all have this beyond control type of thing. There are times when we just cannot hold on any longer. Here's our one of those moments where we headed out being just the two of us.
Having Chatime, a drink we never drink with a wrong spelling of my name hehe... Except that, the staff were really friendly.
Smiling like nothing happened.
Ended the night away and knew exactly that our head has to be held high the next day regardless.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

ICRC Panel Judge

The query was sent to me via my cousin who were also invited to be a panel judge for the Cambodian National Rounds of the International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition. Such competition never exist at my time. So I gladly accepted their proposal.

There were few rounds before the wining candidates/teams came to the semi final where I get to judge them on their presentation skill, legal understanding of the case, proficiency and manner being the Prosecutor/Defendant. It was an interesting experience.
Candid shot by my cousin
With other judges and Marnie
With my crazy cousin haha... Love you!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hennessy Artistry 2014

Every year, Nak would invite me to Hennessy Artistry knowing very well how I enjoy loud music, laser lights and loads of drinks. I'm a wild animal and he's okay with it. Do give him a thumb up for that ;)

It holds annually at prime venue, high tech stage, dark theme decoration, selective shows, famous performer but always with the same art of mixture to its drinks which I enjoy consuming to the max. 

 At the entrance with Somally

With the 1st winner of the Voice Cambodia, Buth Seyha and my girlfriend

 With the Korean singers and I have no idea who they are haha...
(Still tipsy)

Here I have vivid memory hehehe...

Some more photos from the photo booth:

Farewell For Now

I feel lucky having so many good girlfriends whom I can share fun and laughter with as well as entertaining one another in so many way. It was abrupt but I'm glad we made the time. Yan is moving to America early next year while B.Cheat is heading to Australia for holiday the next day. So this is a farewell dinner for both of them which I thought we suppose to pay them; however, it turned out Yan paid for us instead hehe... Thanks Yan!
Very well, farewell dears!
We're proud of you and your great achievement! 
Have a blast in New York and live well in Manhattan ;)

Monday, December 08, 2014

Here We Meet & Till We Meet Again

It was 2 years ago when I went to Wisma Hong Leong for an induction training where I met these two lovely ladies for the first time. They were my amazing host who kept bringing and paying me good meal and bringing me to good places. Thus, my second visit to Wisma Hong Leong, I gave them a heads up of my visit and caught up for late dinner as soon as I arrived KL. 
Thanks again May and Susan for your wonderful hospitality. I hope you'll visit Phnom Penh and let me be your guide ^_^

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Bankers Annual Dinner 2014

Around this time of the year, Association of Banks in Cambodia host Bankers Annual Dinner, having the honor of H.E. Chea Chanto, governor of National Bank of Cambodia ("NBC"), together with few distinguish guests and all banks and financial institutions under the supervision of NBC.

So I attended the event with my colleagues in the name of HLB. To no surprise, I've also met with few of my friends and in laws who works for different banks. Last year was a boring one, this year turns out great for me. I've also got a few shot to share below:

 HLB team: B.Vithou, B.Sathya, Soktry, B.Huoy, ME~*, B.Noun and B.Phoan

 With B.Lis and Nak Bang Nay

 Just another shot before we headed home

Saturday, December 06, 2014

ចាស់ជរា និងកូនភ្លោះ នៅសង្កាត់បឹងធំ ខណ្ឌពោធិសែនជ័យបានទទួលជំនួយពីលោក ប៊ុន សំបូរ និងក្រុមគ្រួសារ

រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ៖ ចាស់ជរាចំនួន ២២ នាក់ និងគ្រួសារកូនភ្លោះទី១១ ដែលបានចាប់កំណើតនៅក្នុងគ្រួសារដែលមានឪពុកឈ្មោះ ផល លា និងម្តាយឈ្មោះ ស៊ែម ស្រីពៅ រស់នៅសង្កាត់បឹងធំ ខណ្ឌពោធិសែនជ័យ បានទទួលជំនួយឧបត្ថម្ភពីក្រុមគ្រួសារលោក ប៊ុន សំបូរ រដ្ឋលេខាធិកា ទីស្តីការគណៈរដ្ឋមន្រ្តី នាវេលាព្រឹក ថ្ងៃទី ៦ ខែ ធ្នូ ឆ្នាំ ២០១៤។ យកជំនួយទាំងនោះជូនដល់ចាស់ជរា នាឱកាសនោះ លោកស្រី អៀង ឫទ្ធា ប៊ុន សំបូរ បានពាំនាំយកក្តីនឹងរលឹកពីថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំព្រឹទ្ធសភា រដ្ឋសភា រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល ជាពិសេសសុំអភ័យទោសដែលលោក ប៊ុន សំបូរ ដែលជាគ្រួសាររបស់លោកស្រី ដែលពុំបានអញ្ជើញមកផ្ទាល់ ដោយជាប់មមាញឹកនឹងការងារ។ លោកស្រី បានបន្តថា ជំនួយឧបត្ថមទាំងនេះ ជាជំនួយតិចតួច ប៉ុន្តែវាបានកើតឡើងពីកិច្ចខិតខំប្រឹងប្រែងរបស់ក្រុមគ្រួសារលោកស្រី ដោយសារលោកស្រីធ្លាប់មានបុត្រភ្លោះ និងម្តាយចាស់ជរា ហើយដឹងពីការលំបាក និងសេចក្តីត្រូវការផ្សេងៗរបស់ក្រុមគ្រួសារដែលមានកូនភ្លោះ និងជនចាស់ជរា។ លោកស្រី បានផ្តល់អនុសាសន៍សុំឲ្យម្តាយកូនភ្លោះថា ត្រូវបញ្ជូនកូនទៅទទួលវ៉ាក់សាំងនានា តាមការកំណត់របស់គ្រូពេទ្យ និងសូមឲ្យលោកយាយលោកតា ជាជនចាស់ជរា ជួយថែរក្សាសុខភាព និងជីវភាពរស់នៅប្រចាំថ្ងៃ។ ជំនួយឧបត្ថម្ភទាំងនោះមានដូចជា សម្រាប់ជនចាស់ជរា ២២ នាក់ ក្នុងម្នាក់ៗទទួលបាន អង្ករ ២០kg ភួយ ២ អាវ ២ ក្រម៉ា ១ មី ១កេស ទឹកត្រី ១ យួរ ទឹកស៊ីអ៊ីវ ១ យួរ ត្រីខកំប៉ុង ១ យួរ ទឹកដោះគោ ១កំប៉ុង អូវ៉ាន់ទីន ១ដប ឆៃប៉ូវ ១kg អំបិល ១kg ស្ករស ១kg សាប៊ូក្រអូប ២ ដុំ សាប៊ូម្សៅ ១កញ្ចប់ និងថវិកា ៥០.០០០ រៀល ដោកឡែកចំពោះគ្រួសារកូនភ្លោះទទួលបាន អង្ករ ៥០kg ភួយ ២ អាវ ២ សារ៉ុង ២ ក្រម៉ា ២ មី ១កេស ទឹកត្រី ១ យួរ ទឹកស៊ីអ៊ីវ ១ យួរ ត្រីខកំប៉ុង ១ យួរ ទឹកដោះគោ ២ កំប៉ុង អូវ៉ាន់ទីន ១ដប ស្ករស ២ kg សាប៊ូក្រអូប ៥ ដុំ សាប៊ូម្សៅ ២ កញ្ចប់ និងថវិកា ៤០០.០០០ រៀល។ ក្នុងឱកាសនោះដែរ លោកស្រីបាន ឧបត្ថម្ភជនពិការដែលរងគ្រោះដោយគ្រោះថ្នាក់ចរាចរ ចំនួន ២០០.០០០ រៀល។


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Happy & Sad

Catching up with technology may be very exciting; yet, also very sad for me as that means I have to let go of the old one.

Now, which one of you two is willing to leave?
That's my type of sadness -____-!

There goes the sad part. Phew! Here comes the happy one ^____^

My eldest brother is a man of jokes and tricks. The younger ones and even my mum got tricked, sometimes, by him. His latest joke was buying me an iPhone 6 because everyone is getting one. It's a trend and I wanted one too but I can live without it given the old one still functions. Anyhow, I don't mind gifted one if he would buy me one, so that was my joke in response to his. We've been going around with this joke for a while and ta da! Today he made it real. Oh yeah, I'm excited! Woo hoo!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Date Night with Pha Pha

Pha and I haven't met each other for a long while. There were so many thing in my head that I wanted ask, ask and ask haha... and I did. We have so many things to talk and I don't remember there were any moment we stopped to think of any topic. We just talked and talked and talked. It was endless flow of conversations. Before we knew it, it was 9PM. 

It was a great catch up and we should do it more often ;)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Monday, December 01, 2014

Little Thing Counts

I woke up with this gloomy sky, grey cloud and the rain would pour at any moment. First thought in my head was I hate waking up. Then I hate having to go to work. Follow by I hate my job and it continued until...

My colleagues sent out an email sharing everyone my work and advised everyone to take it as an example. I took it in a positive way like it must be good to be shared and used as a sample. The day went well. I kept receiving 'good job SS' via email and the same during the meeting. Regardless of how late the meeting took place (I get home around 8 p.m), I felt satisfied with my job. It's not a bad day after all ^_____^

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Haircut

I've been annoyed with my super long hair but I literally did nothing about it until today. I finally be able to pull myself out of bed and to my one and only hairdresser since two years ago? Yeah, it's NC again. It was this simple when I told my hairdresser how I wanted it chopped off: shorter and straigh cut. Well, I'm not fussy with my hair as long as it's at certain length that I can keep it neat and nice enough for my everyday routine, I'm happy with it.

So here's the new but the same look:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Cup of Cappuccino

I'm not an expert in coffee but I believe I do know a little about my favorite cup of cappuccino. So don't expect to hear about the bean, the temperature, the technique or the process of it all to make a coffee a coffee. What I'll be focusing on is my very cup that I'm going to consume for the pleasure of my tongue and the harmony of my emotion once goes into my beautifully roundish tummy.

It's this simple for a good cup of cappuccino, which to be perfectly clear, is the foam that fills 2/4 of the cup. Obviously, the correctly prepared cup of cappuccino is the one with the right temperature steamed-milk foam because the drinker will pay attention on how soft, how creamy or how the foam stays for the rest of cup (if you don't eat it first) being consumed. Yep. That's it. The foam! Just the foam! Only the foam!

Regardless of brand, a cup of cappuccino often comes with flat and burned foam which will be gone within second you pour it into the cup. It's not the choice of milk or coffee from the house. It's the barista who plays such key role in creating my perfect cup of cappuccino. And today is my lucky day. It's so perfectly prepared!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Congrats Nak Bang Mom!

After 5 years finishing her last course, she finally gets her degree. The sad part is only two people is allowed to be invited per student. So this is only thing I could get, picture from whatsapp.

Oh well, Congratulation to her!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I'm neither liking or hating the American culture so there's no rationale in ME~* attending thanksgiving. It was hosted by AMCHAM and RAFFLE. My friends work for both. I guess you now get the point. 

It was a fun night!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

What if...

Life has changed and before I knew it, I've been with HLB more than two years already. I, at times, get fed up having to put up with stress and at the same time fighting with my own emotion then fake a smile while telling myself to look at the bright side of every event that happened, to see it as a life lesson which I'll be thankful for later. It's tiring and it get me thinking 'what if I pull myself out and start fresh with my passion?'. The question stays.