Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am a lecturer :(

I never have a dream of becoming a teacher. But I was forced to study B.Ed which provided me to teach in order to get a degree. I did and I thought, that would be it. Who knows? Now I'm becoming a lecturer at RULE, an English leureacher only though.

My sis said: You look cool.
My teacher said: You look like gangster lecturer.
My Friend asked : Is that how you dress to teach?
Another say: Doesn't look like a teacher.
And what do you say?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm worried

I have no idea of what is going on with him. He acts as one that I have never known before. I feel he is avoiding me. He occupied himself with work and all the other stuff so that it could be the reason of not talking to me. Everytime I try to speak to him, he said the connection is down, he cannot get the message, he doesn't understand what I mean, he thought I am busy, and sth like that. Was it because I chose to be a good daughter? That doesn't mean I choose not to be a good girlfriend, though maybe I am that not a good one already. I do not know what actually is the reason but the thing is he is quiet, that always is a sign: He is down and upset. Well, he told me he is down. But there always is a talk cos that always is his way to find a solution. However, this time he says nothing. This is not HIM. And I am so worried of what is it in his mind? Nothing would not make him being quiet. I seriously have no idea when I found no clue at all of what is going on there.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Writing Problem

I got problem with my writing now. You know why? Cos I write too much. I keep on writing here and there, (not to mention there are many blogs of mine hehehe...) all are about everyday life, feeling, and stuff like that. But I rarely write a formal one. I mean those called Academic Writing. I've learnt alot about it in school, and I used to write them alot as well for assignment but HEY!!! Look at my writing now. It seems like I'm talking not writing, don't you think so? I've gone through many writing from various writer. All I could learn easily are those from novel, blog, or journal and bla bla bla... But once it came to something like er... what's the word? I don't have a clue, but that something is called FORMAL writing. I just found it hard to write the same. I can't even copy the style :(

Oh... Anyway, have I told you yet about my Practicum Journal? It was funny when I read my Supervisor comment. He said,"I enjoy reading your Journal but it seems you are writing novel not Academic Writing". Hahahahahahahaha.... FUNNY!!!! I couldn't believe he found out about that. But well, I confess, that wasn't my completed work. I wrote those for ideas only. I thought I would re-write when I have time. But as the Practicum end, I left it nowhere until the due date to submit came, and I just copy and Print it out for him hehe... (I'm telling you my bad point again :( )

Er... I lost what I intended to write already.... Just look at my writing, MESSY would be the best to describe it :P

So long....

Thursday, October 19, 2006


October 19, 2006

You'll probably start the day feeling a little moody or withdrawn. There could be some issues to deal with at home and you could end up over-reacting and getting into some conflicts early in the day. But it should be an entirely different story this evening when you're bound to feel like enjoying a little fun and romance.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thanks Mum and Dad, I Love You Two

I felt the joy in my dad's heart when seeing me changed to be a punctual person; However, I disappointed him this morning. I woke up late (very late). He saw me getting into the car, thinking I'm ready for work and being in a rush that I forgot to drink my Orange Juice. He tried to call me and brought the glass to me so I can drink and go. But I was in my night dress, driving the car out so he can drive his to work as mum told me that he's got an important meeting. I felt so wrong when I saw him put on his upset look. Hum... USELESS ME, can't even make dad happy.

Look at my mum, a few days ago when I went down a little early, I went into the dinning room, she was having her breakfast. I asked where's my Orange Juice, it usually is there every morning but not today. She replied "the maid might have forgotten. I will make one for you if you just wait a minute". Just as she was saying, she went in the kitchen, get the Orange, the stuff and get started making one for me. Awww.... she really shouldn't have. Thanks to her, anyway.

This morning as well, when she went into my room asking if I were ready for work since it was 8o'clock already. I said "Not yet mum, not even getting my shirt iron". She said "Quick, shower and I'll do it" Awww...(again) She really shouldn't have. Thanks to her though.

I felt loved and guilty since all these are things I shall done for her, not her doing so for me. But anyway, I'm trying to be a good kid now. Won't let her do such a stuff for me again (only if I could lolz...) Well, at least I got a will. Not too bad, right?

Friday, October 13, 2006

She gives me smiles

Today... the very last day for work, I felt joy. However, I wasn't really in the mood to smile. But there's the girl with a big pair of eyes, a small pointed nose, and a beautiful lips put on little round face with the fall of her curly black hair... She looks gorgeous. And you know what? She waves at me!!! She even send me a Kiss through the air.... OMG!!!! I'm falling for her... She's really CUTE that I couldn't resist not to smile and wave her back. Aww... I love her!

Ok, Guess who is she? Tell me what's your guess hehehe...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm feeling restless

Feel so tired and wanna spend all day doing nothing but sleeping. But for life(what ppl usually says), I need to struggle and move on. I sort of being in the right path but I don't like being on it at all. I shall be on the track and keep going but I feel so depress. Maybe this is just what i was destine to be, unhappy with the right thing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is a real Unbelivable ME man...

Not everyone might have noticed that there's an error of the word in those pics of mine. SHAME ON ME... even just a simple word kor write ot trov de :(( Btw, BIG Thanks to my dear friend, PHA, for correcting me hehehe... Anyway, lazy to correct in those pics nas... But promise that the next pic will have no mistake in that again... ;)

Pha ah, come here often so you can help me correcting my mistake na ;)

Lea Heuy hehehe... :P

Monday, October 02, 2006


Very sleepy. I need a rest. But I'm stuck now. What to do? Just try to find sth to do. Writing or sth. Reading makes me feel sleepy even more cos those reading are not interesting at all. It's a subject to study... LAZY!

I'm trying not to be online. I'm serching for legal document. Do the job but I'm still sleepy. Please help me : I need HELP HELP!!!