Monday, June 30, 2008


I was feeling dizzy this morning. That's when I stupidly cut my own hand. Weird enough, right handed person like me just cut my right finger. Imagine that.

Since studying is the last in my list, I found another activity to come just right before it. I tidied my room and get everything washed. More, I even changed the curtain. So now, my room is in pink. And this is just another stuff I bought from 100Yen shop. I went to Motoyama to get it this evening. Nice?

My weekend

My first Converse
I went shopping on Saturday since 11AM till 10PM. I was exhausted. And this shoes is one of the thing I bought.

Even when I was damn tiring, I fried rice for dinner. And right after that I baked cookie till 3AM. As seen is the result.

I can't remember when was the last time I went to play bowling. Anyway, this is just another time that I start to wanna go out again and the result was dol ka kor lolz...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

There was

There was a time when I couldn't wait till the sun set. There was a time when I was eager to see Mr. Postman. There was a time when I was longing for email. There was a time when I kept holding my phone. There was a time when I usually had a look at those pictures. There was a time when I loved spending time in my room. There was a time when I wished a day has more than just 24h. There was a time when I enjoyed every single second from night till dawn. There was a time when I smiled every time I see the sms. There was a time when I was happily be on the net. There was a time when I was happy to read those histories chat. There was a time when I was mad yet happy. There was a time when I was picked up when I was down. There was a time when I felt so lucky. There was a time when I felt I was the best. There was a time when I felt I was the only one. There was a time when I knew there was just me. There was a time when I thought I wouldn't live on my own. There was a time when I wanted a life with two. There was... and there just was.

In the process of killing my own desire.

Friday, June 27, 2008

So sick of IT

Sick of being mad over and over again over the same thing. Sick of having that over and over again thing to happen over and over again. Sick of being over and over again unable to deal with it. Sick of being over and over again complaining over and over again. Sick of being nervous over and over again whenever presentation comes. You know, you've been doing more than a million times by now. Sick of being sad over and over again. Sick of asking for your attention over and over again. Sick of being ME~*

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Don't worry, Be happy"

Been working on this tomorrow presentation and got stress when I am not sure if what I understand from the text is correct or not. Also, I can't find any more source to support my understanding, I just suddenly need to talk to someone. That's when Elen came to talk to me and she gave me this quote "Don't worry, be happy". Just then I remember a song with this title. Quickly, I went to grab the video from youtube and share it here ^_^ Thanks for the quote, Elen!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers

Stupid English, funny characteristic, and very relax while reading it.

Bought when I was on my way home. Finished when I was unable to connect to internet at home. Period.


48 hours ago, I was on my way here. Now, I am here. I know that I want to start complaining again. Life is fine. Life is beautiful. But I don't feel ok and everything is just so ugly. You know you can make it better. You chose to not doing it. You stick to your thought and I am feeling jealous. I am jealous that I am no way to beat the idea that you stick to. I know I have to lower down my demand. I know that I would make myself feel better. But for now, I am feeling so hard to fight against my own desire.

Wedding Day (June 19, 2008)

Found me?

My family

Very beautiful bride

Saut Mon (June 18, 2008)


Me, happy to be able to join

Nak bang and Bang Mey

Touch touch, dress ot sa art but you are sa art, sis!

Happy couple

Marriage Vs Affair

Almost 100 out of 100 guy has an affair after marriage. I doubt. I asked. No satisfied answer provided. The only answer is: it's guy nature.

Imagine, before getting married, you and her struggled for marriage. You and her tried to persuade both side of parents to approve on your marriage. Before that, you and her struggled to get along together. You and her love one another very much. You and her accept the truth that you both could share a life together. You and her have gone through many battles before reaching the stage of being married together.

But why suddenly, you chose to spend your time with another woman while your-her is waiting for you at home? I don't understand. It's even more headache when you said you love her but you are holding another woman. Saying that you would never let her go then why would you have that other woman? I don't understand man. Really, I don't understand a thing about man.

To me, having an affair means you no longer love your wife. Even if guy might say, he loves his wife and would never let her go but he still wants to have another woman. It's their nature. And it's the wife nature as well to wish for her husband to have her alone in his life, or at least in this marriage life. I think, if he betray, then it's better to kill our feeling for him rather than to kill another woman for him. It's hard and almost impossible but for now, that's how I think.

Monday, June 23, 2008

BKK (again)

This time, I don't have to spend a cent for the connection but heck! my pc is running out of batt and I can't find anywhere to get it charged...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little surprise for her

This year is a special year for her as it has comes to Wednesday, 18 June, the same exact date when she was born. BUT she has to celebrate it all alone. How bad I am. But hum... I hope that this would cheer her up. My little surprise and messy lolz... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH PORK!!! LOVE but no HUGS nor KISS cos we are men's behavior hahahahahaha...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Turning 22

It was since last year that I turned 21. I had this amazing twin party which I personally thought to have enjoyed more but got stuck as a matter of fact, two important guys weren't there for me. Anyway, today, I'm turning 22. I suddenly feel old. Oh my, I can't stop thinking of getting older. That scares me off. But I couldn't deny that I enjoy all the birthday party I've had. Each and every year is amazing. More importantly, no, the most important one, I have this little girl standing by my side every year to blow the candle with me. And she's my twin, my only best friend.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dont you think, it's a stupid habit to connect to internet everywhere we are? YEAH!!! I'm blogging from airport again. Ok, Gtg now.

Get away Plan

June 14: Arrival (PP)
10.35 - Depart Nagoya
14.35 - Arrive Bankok
17.30 - Depart Bankok
18.45 - Arrive Phnom Penh

June 15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TOUCH & TOM (Back to Sunday, the day we were born)
Morning: Oudong (Gift Donation?)
Afternoon: Shopping (Ambre?)
Evening: Birthday Dinner (Taking back the gift?)
June 16: Monday
Bring Mum der leng (don't know tha tov na yet)
June 17: Tuesday
Der leng with sis and bro (Shoppig, bowling, and Karaoke?)
June 18: Wednesday
Saut Mon

June 19: Thursday
Bang Mey's Wedding

June 20: Friday
Metting Friends
June 21: Saturday

June 22: Sunday
June 23: Departure (PP)
19.45 - Depart Phnom Penh
20.50 - Arrive Bangkok

June 24: Arrival (NGO)
00.20 - Depart Bangkok
08.00 - Arrive Nagoya
10.30 - Coporate Law (Cancelled ^_^)
13.00 - WTO
16.30 - International Law

***Miss 5classes: Coporate Law, WTO, International Law, PSI, Jurisprudence
***Luckily, Academic Writing class has to be cancelled
***See you when I'm back to Nagoya ^_^

One last gift before...

Yay! Another gift ^_^
Thanks Bang HUN!!!
Purple purple!
Love it love it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Haruna, My tutor

So far, I've complaint alot of my tutor. It was my first male tutor. But now I got another new one. She's just a very cute Japanese girl. I like her since I realize, my tutor is a girl haha... Gender discrimination. But anywya, Look what she got me when I told her of my birthday! A cupcake she baked. Lovely, isn't she?
Note: It was with my two good things in a day... Guess i should have made it 3 good things in a day hehehehe....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two good things in a day!

I don't know why this year I happen to have many surprises. Usually, when it comes to my birthday, I knew that friends would give me gift and so, I was never been really surprised by anyone or anything. I always predict what is going to happen. What is people going to give me. And well, this year I also do. But somehow, I just feel this surprise in my chest.

I've seen it once in your blog, Yeng.
Finally, it's in my hand now *muahahahaha...*
ThANKS ne~~!!!

Cheat cooked for our birthday celebration. Chinese tradition is to eat noodle on our birthday in order to have long life as the noodle is. So, I was so full. It was more than just full, if you know what I mean. I had to walk here and there in order to make myself feel better hahaha... this is too much eating. But look, she got this tasty soup, and Teok Seang lolz... who can help to stop when it's still there?


Second day in a row that I couldn't put myself to bed and stay until 5 again. It's been almost a week that I have slept no later than 4AM. I am tired but I couldn't put myself into bed. Unlike any other time, I love to see sunlight. I feel secure that I could still see it. It's beautiful. It's bright. And this beautiful bright light of the sun is a new day for me.

Because I love you

What is love to you? Love is my only reason for everything.

I changed myself because I love you.
I lied the woman who loves me best because I love you.
I disappointed the man who gave me life because I love you.
I upset my only best friend from birth because I love you.
I did the thing against my will because I love you.
I revealed the secret to you because I love you.
I isolated myself from the world because I love you.
I hide the true-me from others because I love you.
I broke the promise that I made because I love you.
I gave up my whole life wishes because I love you.
I threw away my dreams because I love you.
I set another goal because I love you.
I hurt myself because I love you.
I bare the shame because I love you.
I lost my confidence because I love you.
I cried because I love you.
I do what I am doing because I love you.
I am sad because I love you.
I killed my desire because I love you.
I wear this smiling mask whenever I go out because I love you.
I created a lying story because I love you.
I lie myself because I love you.
I hate me because I love you.
I am writing this because I love you.
I struggle because I love you.
I place you on top because I love you.
I acted like a jerk because I love you.
I stopped trying because I love you.
I hate you because I love you.
I hurt you because I love you.
I ignore you because I love you.
I blame you because I love you.
I gave you up because I love you.
I am not going to talk to you again because I love you.

Everything I do is becaue I love you. You may see me smile. You may see me laugh. You may see me enjoy. You may see me act as if I do not care. You may see me happy. You may see me forgetting you. You may see me value nothing to the past. You may see me wrong. You may see me as if I have no heart. You my see me strong. You may see me never have loved you. You may see me in any way you may see. But I will never forget you. You would always be there in me. You were once and always be a part of me. I would never be whole again without you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Early Birthday Party in Nagoya

For the first time, I have the one-for-all-birthdy-party-for-baby-in-June in Nagoya. It was a surprising one. They didn't give at all a clue to us, more precisely, I knew nothing of the birthday party beside the celebration for Bang Panhha.

Once in a while, I am ignorane of their love. Sorry guys! I am not good with word when it comes to real thing. I wished to say thanks in a more sincere way in the party, but I failed it. Even so, I now dare to tell how thankful I am to be treated such in such a great ...(I can't find the right word). Just so you know, I am touched (it's the only word that I can think of at the moment).

Well, instead of showing how the party was celebrated, I'll show who are the participant with a little comment from me ^_^

Bang Panhha
Congrats and Happy Birthday

Me and My twin in Nagoya, Bang Samrach and ME~*
Happy Birthday to US!

Happy Birthday

Ah Pork, ah oun bey days lolz...
Happy Birthday

My cake ^^_^^

Birthday Girls

Bang Hun
Big thanks for the place, food, effort, and love. Frankly, I don't like you act all the time but I love you all the time.

Bang Huy
Congrats for your new job!

Bang MormMoun (Sorry if I spell your name incorrectly)
You made one girl be in joy. Thanks for proving us that you are the man!

Bang Neth
You always cheer the environment around you

Bang Pheap
You are just like your name hehehe...

Bang Pheara
Newly known but you are such an easy going person to get along with

Bang Phy
Thanks again for the early gift

Bang Savuth
You are quiet

Bang Teang
Thanks for the hug :)

Bang Veara
Sorry to eat first and thanks for the extra food you helped to buy. You made the party sambo ho hea lolz...

You didn't rap in the party tonight

Ricky, Mr.Love, and RedMan... anything else?

The boss lolz...

Too full and got lazy to joke around this time


Good at HEK chicken haha...

Should really becareful, your red jean might be lost someday. You know RedMan is here hahahaha...

Always move around that I couldn't find a shot with you stay steady. That's why I have to crop this from another pic lolz...

Look! It's Yellow and Orange. Colorful!
Thanks for the cake. I know you and bang hun must have discussed alot for the party. You did a great job girl! Just as you always are ne!

All together (without flash)

All together (with flash)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My comic

No one understand the ending Hahaha... Well, the bus arrived and blocked the two ppl. So you can't see what they would thin or do next hehe...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Unconscious Exercise: Walking

Have you noticed this? You gotta pull yourself out of bed and walk to have your face washed every morning. You would walk again to the kitchen to have your breakfast. Then you would walk back to have your dishes washed. Next, you would walk to have shower, brush your teeth, and dress to school. You walk to do every little thing in your room/home. You do this unconsciously. You wouldn't know how many step have you made through walking, the thing is you walk.

In some other time, you even run as you were rushing for class. I don't suppose it happen to everyone but it mostly happen to me (lolz). This is more than just walking but ok, you are doing it unconsciously.

Now, why do we need to play badminton, bowling, or go jogging while we can actually do the exercise everyday at home and school? Hehehe... this is just anther excuse for being lazy to go for a real exercise. But come on, I walk a lot since I come here. Sometimes, I walk 3 or 4 rounds a day from home to school and from school back home. It takes me at least 7minutes. So, I guess that sum up to a good time of exercise hehe... Ciao.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I love you.

Let's Draw!

House has been under construction for so long and I've seen lots of construction pics. Now this is different:
Look at what they are all doing. Isn't it fun? I can't wait to be home and draw too cos I know there are spaces for me and my sis, since dad told them to keep some for us haha...

My niece with her mama's drawing. I love this one most. LOok at those word Mickey said!

PS: I Miss home!