Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visiting Relatives in Kratie

We left PP at 5.45 and reached Kratie at 9. It was quite a ride. The road was all good.

We first stop at aunty's house (father in law's side) to sen our ancestor

There's river at the back

Inside the House

Grandma (Father's in law side) She passed away 5 years ago

Grandpa (Father in law's side)

Then we went off to pagoda.

ME~* and the kids

You know who


Walking from Pagoda to Grandma's houses

To my surprise, the house was built in the year of my mum's birth year

Sen daun ta again to welcome me to the family

Saying goodbye to grandma

Tvay bang kum lea mday :)

ws with Aunty Pov and Mother in law

The final shot

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father In Law Birthday

Finally, I have a father in law. This is not the first time I join his birthday though. Anyhow, the connection was different back then. This time, we have Mum and brother join us. So I basically feel more like a family than a boyfriend's dad ;)

Getting Ready. Handsome tich tich haha

Without me

With me

Donation to HIV infected in Beong Thom Village

Last month, we held an event to congrats the top 3 students in each class from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We honor them a certificate, study materials, food and cash. During that time, a villager came to request for donation to herself. However, we were unable to deliver her the goods without preparation. Also, we are willing to help more people with the same condition. Thus, this month, we request the Chief of the village to list all the people who are infected by the HIV and called them to join the small discussion before the donation.

Here are shots with our team and the villager

Piece of the goods

Behind the scene

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gemini Horoscope

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011

You'll be in high demand at the moment, and other people are bound to want your help with a number of different things today. Just don't be surprised if you end up having to sort out some tricky financial matters. And it's a good time for you to give a little thought to how you might be able to start increasing your income.

If you feel like throwing your money around a bit today, try not to get carried away with too much impulsive spending if you can help it. And just be aware that a few positive developments tonight should be bringing a pleasant end to an otherwise busy day. Mantra: I will find inspiration in everyday life.

Tin (10th) Anniversary

It's been 10 Years!!!

Happy Anniversary Nak bang and Lok bang!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Positive Side

I'm pretty much enjoying my life currently. The reason I mentioned a specific timing is because I am this moody type and I often moans about all my hatred to anything I might find unpleasant at any minute right after I said I'm happy. It's just women! Well, I just make this stupid little assumption so I wouldn't be the weirdest one. Yah! Not every women are this way.

Every morning, I often am awaken by "Morning honey!" follow by "A morning kiss" and when I could properly open my eyes, he said "I love you!" then ends with a smile.

I always thought it's so fake but I guess fake isn't so bad when I'm the one who's receiving it. Let's enjoy it while it lasts! Don't you agree?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Being Married

I've been married 10 days already but I still feel new. Every time I turned around to see that I am not alone I find it weird! Nothing I find unpleasant to get used to though. I only need to add new number to most of the stuff and never forget the term share.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

W&S Wedding

A brief of our W&S Wedding Reception

Before walking down the aisle


and Drink to survive the night lolz

Before throwing the bouquet and hit a man lolz...

Family and Friends
My Pretty Twin

Fun and Exciting Bang Peth

Naughty Friends

A combination

Loving Family


Everybody else (but not all)

Fun Fact
All women would dump their purse just to get to the dance floor :P

While the kid would dump their shoes just to make it easier for them to run

And we sisters finally share one status "SML"

We had Chhorng Sovannareach & Ouk Sokunkanha sang our story song that titled as "Sneth Pit Trov Rong Cham"
Thanks for sharing their love to us as a sister and brother

Korean Girl Band - A mixture of Classical and Pop Music
Dad's friend made this special offer to have them perform on our wedding and the guest loved it!

Photo taken by Rooster_Kool Photography

W&S is our trademark

W&S Crafted by Philip's Team

Again, all photos are provided by Rooster_Kool Photography

VVIP specially decorated for Bride and Groom and the family

This honeymoon room is offered by Naga World

Which we didn't get to spend the night there :(