Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad Girl #_#

Have I been bad to everyone this year? Or is Santa exist no more? Probably, his little helper, Mr.elf just lost my name s.w in the bad kid book Or else...

Ta Da!!!!
A package for me!!!!
Mr. Postman had almost given up after not being able to woke me up from the deep and sound sleep this morning hehe... But I know I wouldn't wanna go to pick it when I can actually receive it at home. So here it is:
Thanks DomDey!!! You saved me! I am not the bad girl!!!!! Hooray!!!!

After looking at the gift, do you know what that is? I have one with me too. It's a phone holder. But look, I have only one phone. Now I have two holders. Should I get a another one to have this holder hold on or should the next phone be my gift????

Now I miss being home even more. I know who to beg for gift. And I'm sure I'll get one or two [devil laugh]. But.... Anyway, New Year is not over yet. If you know what I mean haha...


Stitch just did it again [sight]

Haha... J/K

Say welcome to the family, Wickee!!!

Wickee and the 3 red roses from W wishing me well ^_^

FYI: Wonder where the hell is Wickee name ever come from?
Here's my math: W + (s)ick + ee(just sth) = Wickee!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ideal Closet

I'm pretty bored with my blog recently. I know writing emotional stuff won't work; well, no longer effective. So I was thinking of doing sth interesting which I've never found one. Now, I only found what interest me. Like well, here you go...

Kiddon Closet

Another Kiddo Closet

Here's the lady's Closet

It's getting more interesting

This is beautiful!!!


Now only if I got this one, I wouldn't throw away any crappies shoes I bought haha... at least, they display the view. Amazing eh???

Alright, here are a few more from celebrities


My Closet :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

Subject: Please Help Spread This on Your Blog

Dear fellow clogger friends,

I hope this message finds you well.

Together with my friends at Cambodian Living Arts (CLA), a project of World Education whose mission is to revive traditional Cambodian art forms and to inspire contemporary artistic expression endangered by over 30 years of civil wars, I want to share with you the story of one of CLA’s most talented and inspiring students, Pheuen Srey Peu, a student of smot from Kompong Speu village.

Srey Peu is one of the brightest, dedicated students working with CLA. She inspires everyone around her with her desire to teach and share what she knows. You can read more about her life HERE: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://cambodianlivingarts.org%2Fpeople%2Fpheuansreypeu

She was designated by CLA masters and staff as one of the students deserving out of a group of 300 to receive one of three scholarships to study in high school, and during this time, she has blossomed into an remarkable student leader.

Unfortunately, though, because of the crisis in the financial markets, the original sponsor of her scholarship can no longer afford to sponsor her scholarship. We don’t want to pull her out of school and are working to raise $3500 to pay for all of her school; extra English, Khmer literature, and music classes; and living expenses, for the next academic year.

I know that times are tough, but I invite you to consider contributing a small amount to support her studies so that she can continue to learn and grow and to preserve and spread this beautiful Khmer tradition.

If we all can ChipIn just a bit - whether $5 or $10, Srey Peu’s life and prospects for the future will be forever changed. I will be sure to upload video and audio of her performing smot for us all to enjoy.

Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you could help me post this campaign on your blog.

Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation.

Merry X'mas and happy new year.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's quite a day today. I woke up not that early that I have to rush rush for the Moot Court at 1pm. I and my girl ran to school. I didn't wear thick cloth or have I brought my scarf :( But I brought the glove :) That's not the thing though. The weather was not that good. It rained. It was wet. And it was just stupidly cold. Brrr... it's gone through my bone. Now I realized, I'm sick once again. Damn it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Which color do you like?

The color look different in picture. So I'll just tell what the color are. There are Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Violet, and Pink. Let me know and I'll get your nail painted ^_^

PS: They all are erased by now, due to the concern of what people might think with this too many colors in one hand (lolz)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


One of my satisfactions during my last trip home is this. It took me like 3 days to finish everything. And that was with the support of Nak, Touch, and Lena. Finally, I have set a mark on my Mum's and Dad's wall *SMILE*

Me with Alice and Belle

Alice in Wonderland is now wondering around my house hehe...
This is with the support from Nak. Find the ugly part and you'll find his part haha..
Oops! Tha leng ta, honey!

Lena drew this picture.
Touch lined up everything and painted the dress.
And I finished her with the hair.


My Super Nasty Niece, BEE
Don't Mess with Her!

My Flirty Handsome Nephew, Boo Boo
Watch Out Pretty girls!!!

My Adorable Niece, Lil'Chipmunk
Get your heart away before it melt *wink*

Christmas - Nagoya Station

Today, I woke up late as usual but I somehow managed to dress up for SHOPPING!!! Never get tired of it just like all the girl lolz... Also, I did take a few shot on my way. It's not the best but just wanna share since Christmas this year seems to have taken attention from many people. So yeh, I just included myself in. Enjoy the unprofessional pic haha..

This is what I love most about the decoration in Takashimaya

This year, she wears pant hehe...
(Due to my poor English, I don't know what she is wearing is called. Sorry ne!)

Just wanna post a picture of ME~* hehe..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Christmas

Christmas is coming... Got any gift for me??? A card will also do hehe... Alright, let's enjoy the song ^_^

Lifeless (?)


Since I last went to Osu, I've never been out of my Mansion (Omura) hehe.. Tonight, after the meeting, I and my girls went for Ramen. I was craving for it. Yum yum... so here you go, my dinner, Ramen ^_^

Extra meat for meat lover

Not a spicy one but super delicous...
with extra egg too hehe..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold II (Cold The Second)

I arrived since the day before yesterday. The morning was cold and I had to push and pull the 23Kg luggage alone. I am not complaning for after all, this is what I wanted to do. Not when I was doing the job along the street though. Never mind, I was glad when I made it home. I suddenly felt terrible. I knew I have to take care of myself or else I'd fall sick. Sick in winter was not easy, I could still remember my one week cold in Feb, early this year.I've eaten porridge since my arrival, except yesterday lunch. I couldn't resist the delicated food my friend cook. After that, I had porridge till today. It feels good to take care of myself. I turn this 500Yen heater, which I bought last year on Bazaa, on all the time. Though I knew it would cost me big yen on my next month electronic bill, I need to be strong during this cold winter. Don't you agree?

Winter is here. I missed fall. I'm not sad. After all, the good thing never come twice. There are very few leaves left on the tree. They are yellow. The green is not to be mentioned here. The tree might feel terrible, the human has no different despite the fact that we got heater while the tree doesn't. Sorry about that, tree.

Now, the battle is about to begin. I am warming up with writing blog. Hopefully, it help in some way. Pray for me. Sathoub!


It was a super holiday, my holiday. No one else has it, that's what I mean. So, I've travelled here and there. The trip was tiring and I was exhausted. That's why I had a little cold the time I arrived here. It is not a big deal, anyway. I'm big enough to kill them away in no time lolz... I'm feeling a lot better now.
Well, so... I'm back, babe!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A week to go

I've been away for too long, haven't I? I've created a lot of mess out there, for sure. Where to begin cleaning, I do not know. It's piling up in my head again *sight*

PS: Really hate checking mail now :(