Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I open my eyes the time was 8.30AM. I could not move myself out of bed. Then again, I felt asleep. The second time I open my eyes, the time was 9.30AM. I could not go to work. I can not move properly. I somehow manage to get my phone and sms ADEL to inform her of my absent. I always fall sick whenever I have a cut on my body. However, i don't have any cut on my body this time; yet, I am sick. I just can not do anything beside lying there looking at the ceiling with my half-close eyes. I wish I could lay there forever. There were no one knocking on my door as always. It was unusual of everybody. I somehow like it to be left alone in my room. I enjoyed the morning without distubance.

I was home for lunch but no favorite food of mine. It was a disappointment. But that is because MUM did not know I was home. So well, that's how it went.

I went back to my MUM's room. We talked again. I gave her a massage till she was asleep. I left for my room at around 2.30PM and went to bed again till around 4.30PM. I was awake but still sleepy. Yet, I wanna go to my brother restaurant. I wanna work today. I was dressed and ready to go. I picked MUM and sis from sis' house then went straigh to my brother restaurant. I started working; but guess what? Not many people there. So, I just take order from my MUM, sis, and aunt (aunt Cheat who was at sis house teaching Khmer to Bobee). The waiter there smile at me cos I was dressing like they way they do. It was fun. I'm gonna do it again next time lolz...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcoming Raining Season

I said "I'm going to Pagoda" and he said "what? Impossible"

Gosh! What kinda person do you think I am? I'm born to be buddhist and so... I am doing what buddhist woud do.I can't recall when was the last time I went to pagoda though kekeke...

Anyway, I'm going to pagoda with Mum, Grandma, Uncle Vong, Aunty Socheata, Uncle In Law, Cousin: Chio and Tipo, Bang Thy, Srey Neang and Vy. It was quite nice there. I was feeling kinda relax when listening to the prayer from the monk. I got blessed by the holy water also. And the resaon why I am going is because it is CHOL VORSA which people who are buddhist shall be going to pagoda. It tells that we will see rain everyday from now on. I'll try to take picture of the rain later.

After having done everything, we walked around the pagoda. See this and that. Since my cam was running out of memory, I manage to have only 2 pictures. See it below:

[Sorry, connectin sucks! Pc Sucks! --> picture can't be uploaded]

Pissed off.

Friday, July 27, 2007

D and I could not join this party as well. Have fun friends!

You two always are together Thanks for informing us, anyway

I also want to go but i am not free. I am not sure I will be there on time or not so that's why i rather say i will not go. For D, he is not interested in the party. You are welcome!

thanks for the explanation though it was not asked for kakaka...

Even though i am asked but I am a reasonable person. A reasonable person lives for explaination. Anyway, I am not only explaining you but all other friends who are curouis and interested in why i miss this party. If you don't need to know, just delete it or ignor it, I don't mind at all.

hehehe... just to let u know, i deleted ur previous e-mail already

Thanks! but you don't have to let me know next time. I myself normally delete all the email that I already read cuz i don't want it to be filled by unimportant thing in my inbox.


Thanks once again for telling without asking

Call for Papers - 4th CamTESOL Conference, 23-24 February 2008, Phnom Penh

Dear colleague / potential participant,

The 4th CamTESOL conference will take place on 23-24 February 2008. Plenary speakers at this conference are Professor David Nunan and Dr Marti Anderson. Featured speakers are Dr Charles Browne, Dr Marguerite MacDonald, Dr Shawn Loewen and Mr Hayo Reinders. This conference will be held at the National Institute of Education (NIE). The theme of the 2008 conference is “Building Bridges to the World”.

There will be 14 focus areas of the conference, consistent with last year and as outlined on the conference website (www.CamTESOL.org ). To assist with timetabling and accessibility of your presentation, could you please indicate on your application form whether you would be prepared to make your presentation twice.

May I hereby encourage you to support this conference series for the professionalisation of English Language Teaching in Cambodia and more broadly in the Indo-Chinese region. To encourage quality regional presentations, there will be an abstract competition for the presentation that is most relevant for an Indo-Chinese audience. Details of this competition will be announced within the month in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. If you live and work in this region, please spread the word amongst colleagues whom you believe would benefit from participation in this professional development.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 26 October 2007Notification re. Abstract Selection: 16 November 2007

Paul MahonyConference Convenor

Join us at the 4th CamTESOL Conference on 23-24 February 2008.For more information, go to www.CamTESOL.org or e-mail sambath.bun@phnompenh.idp.edu.au

So, I'm going

Ok, yesterday, I got this document I've been waiting for from Nagoya University. I didn't open it till I reached home. I should have opened it once I got it. But I was kinda hesitating. One, I was in office. Two, I am scare to see, I really am going.

I checked it when I got home though. I mean, after I finished one chapter of Harry Potter. There are two books and few papers. After having done reading the guidebook, I feel cold. Just gotta sleep thought it was just 11o’clock. I couldn’t read anything else though I wanted to.

Goodnight (from yesterday kekeke...)

MN Café Opening

July 27, 2007
Finally, the shop is opened. For some reasons, we have postpond the opening date. However, for no longer waiting for our-going-to-be customer, we decided to open it today. What else??? (Sorry, I'm not good at marketing hehehe...) Oh... Ok, there is 20% off if you come during these period (from today 27/07/07 on... till er... sometimes I don't know when hehehe...)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Studio Picture

Nothing much, just wanna share.

I was the MC

It was last night that I stayed up late doing crappy stuff. I thought of doing the translation then I read the paper and found that it would be better if I could have some speech reading first before doing the translation. I went to my sis room to check for the document. While checking I found quite a lot of stuff along the way. One of those I found is this picture. Ah... it was when I was a 3rd year student at IFL. That year is a year that i do alot of unusual stuff. One of which is being on stage as an MC.

So, my partner is Chamnan who'd been my classmate for one year and a half. I don't know where the hell he is now hahahaha... J/K mate!

Passport Photo

Last time, my friend laugh at my picture in my passport. It was since I was like... 12 and I seriously look funny. I totally agree with them hehehe... But anyway, this new picture of my new passport, I look a lot better. But so grown up now lolz... (easy to say, Ka Jas nas ah lov niss!!! hehehe...)

Ps. SIS: Have you ever seen this yet??? Hopefully, it's new to you hehehe...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter (Book 7)

HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows

This is a shame, I borrow this book from my colleague. This time last year, I got many offering me the book. But this year is a complete different. I have none offer me one. Not even ONE! Not even I, myself. This is stupid. I mean, HEY! I am Harry Potter fan but how could I not have the book by now? Instead the rest would have finished reading already.

I got it from her last night. I started reading but finished just one chapter and I felt asleep. 17 pages. Damn it! I wanna finish the whole book. So I went back home during lunch to finish another chapter. After exam I'll go straigh home, eat dinner, and continue reading it. I'm gonna tune my phone off. And I'm not gonna answer anyone, or reply any sms, but reading the book. Ha! Let's see if I ever be able to finish the book by tonight hehehehehe...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

@ C-Clinic

Yeh, this is where we hung out at night. It was like 3 in the morning when we get out to have a seat there. It was an interesting place in Signapore. That C-Clicnic is around Clarke Quay. There are alot more and all are interesting. That's why we went there twice hahahaha...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back From SG

Time Flies
I wished, it didn't but it does and that's why I am back here writing in the blog again.

I spent too much till I'm totally broke. HELP!!!

The most interesting part was the graduation. Well, it was amazing. Like when when I see the place, I said "Ooh... that's beautiful", when I see the stage, I feel like "wow, that's huge", and when I listened to their speech, I feel like "awww... that's touching". I felt excited for the graduant. They are just so cool lolz... [I am so proud of my BF, anyway] kekekeke...

Song of the sea was great; however, I love Princess Pearl more lolz...

Share later!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guy's Farewell Party

Yeh, I was upset. So what? I at least enjoyed the party, food, and you know, walking around and talking to everyone I know hehehe... It was since July 3 but friend just sent today then enjoy now hehehehe...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

GoODbyE 4 D 2nd t!m3

I'm just a very bad speaker when it comes to a serious talk. Like, well, now, she's at the airport. She's gonna be off in just a nother minute. I wanna call and say goodbye. Instead, I am stuck of how would I say it. And yes, I am writing here hoping she would see it when she arrived at her second new home. Awww... i'm being too emotional. So well, Safe and Nice trip na ^_^

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

3 AM

It's not weekend nor holiday, why would I stay till this late?

I've lost connection ages ago. We used to have it fixed but for a day or two the rain spoil it all; so, just let it be till there is no more rain lolz...

Tonight, coming back from my cousin's house, my sis asked if I wanna sleep with her. Well, after a quick thought, I said yes. We together watched Westlife concert at Wembly which I was once watched alone till midnight. It still is interesting no matter how many time have I watched. However, this is not the reason that I am still here typing these crappy writing.

Back to the internet connection, it was lost and I was unable to post pictures in blog. It pile into a mountain of pictures by now. So, I use dial up in my sister room tonight to post those I've never had a chance to do. You may find those in archive but just to make it easier I list them as below:

Hum... These are entries I've just posted today or so call to night. So you see??? That's alot for a dial up to work on that much post. Finally, Night night.

MN Café

***Note: The opening date is changed yet will let you know later when :)
*****Sorry for the inconvenient*****

Ratana's 23rd Birthday

As planned, we went to have dinner together at K&T Restaurant. It was damn funny meeting all of these stupid friend hahahaha... One thing that we would never ever forget is to LAUGH lolz... Each of us has owns sense of humor. Thus why, a combination of us all, you'll laugh till death hehehe... (however, i'm still survive to post pictures here kekeke...) ENJOY!

Birthday Girl

Touch and Ratana

Smey & Ratana

ME~* & Ratana

Pheak & Ratana

Lena (My cousin) & Ratana

Chhorng & Ratana

Phiworth & Ratana

Phea & Ratana

Ratana, The birthday Girl

*^#!~* we did try out best to look very gentle in all these pictures. So please say we are gentle hahahha...

No boys allowed!

Almost time to sing Happy Birthday ^_^

All-together Picture

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

1st Week of July 2007

Dad's Departure to JP
@ Phnom Penh Airport, 8.25PM

Chunheang's, Narin's, and Vathana's Departure to JP
@ Phnom Penh Airport, 8.25PM

Graduation Party @ RULE (ELBBL)
@ RULE, Room B1, 6.30PM

Ratana's Birthday (Highschool Friends)
@ K&T Restaurant, 6PM

Dine out with IB (IFL)
@ CatCity Restaurant, 5.30PM

Nak's Arrival
@ Phnom Penh Airport, 1PM
Bowling (Chatterbox+)
@ Parkway Square, 5.30PM
Vattey's Arrival
@ Phnom Penh Airport, 8.25PM


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2nd time driving to KPS

So it was till 9.30 that we could leave the house for our lovely trip to Kompong Som. The weather was good for the first start; yet, went worst when we were half way. Everything suddenly went white and I almost lost control. Still I could receive a GOOD DRIVER from my sis when Mum asked her upon our return. It was damn tiring! However, Driving is a big Fav. of mine. For the record, I could speed up to 160Km/h. It’s gonna be a first and last time for I don’t have such a nice car to drive all the time and for it was a big risk as I was not alone in the car, plus, the road was slippery. There was a saying that going up the heel, you could never speed up to 100Km/h but well, not in my case. It was pretty cool when the speed was 100Km/h but you feel it was like 20Km/h. My regular speed was 80Km/h under the super heavy rain which finally, we arrived within 3hour and a half. It was very relaxing when we could sit there, seeing the sea, breathe the fresh air, and eat seafood. That’s all I love about KPS ^_^

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ladies @ KPS (Part 2)

She's picking my noodle. Lovely sis ^_^

She's glad that after all she got all the food she likes in just one plate

Add [v] into our breakfast

On our way back to our room

I'm not talking about height

Still happy though we were stucked cos of the rain

In the end, we decided to take off for lunch
Big sis is immitating small sis hehehehe...
They look like a star to me

@ Koh Pos Restaurant

Cuties style from my little-in-term-of-age cousin

Working on their business

CousinzzZZzzz & 1Fr

Cute style from my twin sis and a ganster style from ME~*
See? We just like to love different style
Special TW!N

Model Girl


Dare you???

Of all the theif I've met, these two are the loveliest [J/K] Left: Watch the way; Right: Finding the tool

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ladies @ KPS (Part 1)

I was the driver and the photographer. So these 3 ladies are my customers. Thanks Girls for choosing LPP's Fast Way. I hope you enjoy the ride. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Please, have a nice holiday ^_^
[chuckle] @ Yeay Mao, half way there
Finally arrived and waiting for the food
So glad that we could feel as well as to see the sea
A welcome-drink from the hotel
Took a walk and took picture
Mobile phone show

Life guard house (too bad we weren't allowed to get in)
Naturally beautiful
A restaurant by the beach. Ain't it lovely for a wedding??? So romantic~*
Now look, who's always on the phone???

Don't say that we look alike cos it's just too true lolz....

Lena's best shot for the day
I'm showing off my watch