Tuesday, March 31, 2009

24 hours in the cloggersphere

I could be so annoying at times. Within few hours, I posted 3 entries. Too many, I know (learnt from my twin: I know! I know! haha..). This is worth watching. S.b is interested in us! Haha... when I say they are, they really are! Watch it! ;)

Not just Cambodian by the book they are interested in but the real Cambodian in every atmosphere! Yay! Good job, SMU gang! (sorry if this is too informal lolz...)

Changes in the amounts of Scholarship

Dear MEXT Scholors,

Hello. This is Int'l student help desk (1st floor of BUNKEI-SOUGOUKAN).
This mail is about the schedule of MEXT Scholarship Confirmation Signature 2009.
Unless in exceptional circumstances, you should sign by the first deadline.
If you fail to meet either deadline, the stipend for the month will not be deposited regardless of circumstances. No exception accepted.

And MEXT has announced changes to monthly scholarship stipends.(See attached file"Changes in the amounts of Scholarship".)
These changes affect all Japanese Government Scholarship Students regardless oftheir starting year.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


2009年4月から1年間の国費奨学金サインのスケジュールを添付ファイル("Scholarship Schedule")のとおり送ります。

また、文部科学省から、奨学金月額の改定のお知らせがありました(添付の"Changes inthe amounts of Scholarship"参照)


How could you do this to me???

Picture in words

I am sitting on this uncomfortable brown cushion in Central Library. I frown and am biting my lips (the usual habit when some sort of idea is forming in my head). My fingers are moving endlessly on the keyboard (how I miss the typing race in facebook) of my HP Mini which I have bought early this year. The light above the desk is on. The button is at the below right of the lamp. Under that, there lays my scarf, Fendi, and the wallet, a gift from my beloved boyfriend for my 22 birthday, is just about 10cm away, moving back to my position. In front of me, there is this little note book, Sakura printed in hard cover; it is given by Bang Hun who has brought me as a souvenir from the Prison of Nagoya. Inside it, my blue pen, which I have brought from Cambodia which was bought from IBC, stucks in about 1/5 of the page. Next to it, moving upward to my 10’ Black HP, a picture of me is attached to the plastic card called, Student ID. The attractive part is its red stamp on the very bottom right corner. It is getting cold. The clock says 7.38PM. I have been here for about 30mns only but this purple shirt that I got since winter last year doesn’t keep me warm enough. So I try to look for some stuff in my purple bag, VNC; my favorite that I got from Cambodia, which is lying on the near desk on my left hand. There is nothing I can find beside a box of Vanezuela Bitter Chocolate (yum!), Make Up Kit (I am a grown up now *wink*), and gloves (purple leather). I move my eyes further, but now out of the bag, and found the almost empty coffee mug, Pink Afternoon Tea, a gift from Kanha since summer last year. iDevil, which is sleeping in between the mug and my 3months old PC, doesn’t scare me, instead, I enjoy looking at it (blink blink). The black silicone horn (this is iDevil >:)) is covered by Stitch little bag, which costs me just 105Yen (including tax), that keeps Red and black in color Micky USB in. The zip is close, by the way. Disappointed (because I can’t find anything to use to cover the coldness), I push back on the back of the wooden chair. Ouch! That’s a button of my coat!

***Sorry for my bad english. I am trying to write again ^_^***

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Month Resolution

Don't be surprise, every day is a new start! I just happen to have been so laid back and had given away 3 months on travelling, sleeping, eating, fun-ing(?), and whatever! I was doing what I was not suppose to be doing. So feeling kinda guilty; yet, really can not work on the right thing. Few miniutes ago, my twin said, as said in her KUMPI, Tiger day would come after 4 April. I think I ought to make a resolution. And that would be my New Month Resolution which I haven't yet found one hahahaha...

***The picture: Just wishing to show a simple tatoo which I have been having for about 3 days and the red nail I just got this morning :) Love it!

Early Easter

Not happy. Eat oy ors!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brad Paisley - I wish you'd stay

I talked to my sister in Memphis
And I told her you were movin' to town
Here's her number
She said she'd be glad to show you around
I left a map on your front seat
Just in case you lose your way
But don't worry, once you reach Sallisaw
It's all interstate

I know you need to go
But before you do I want you to know, that I

Wish you the best
And I wish you nothing less
Than every thing you've ever dreamed of
And I hope that you find love along the way
But most of all
I wish you'd stay

I figure right about sundown
You'll be in West Tennessee
And by then
Maybe I'll understand why you had to leave

I know that you've done some changin'
And I know there's no changin' your mind
And yes I know
We've been through this a thousand times

I'm sorry for still holdin' on
I'll try to let go and I'll try to be strong, and I'll

Wish you the best
And I wish you nothing less
Than every thing you've ever dreamed of
And I hope that you find love along the way
But most of all
I wish you'd stay

Yeah, everything you've ever dreamed of
And I hope that you'll find love along the way
But most of all
I wish you'd stay
I wish you'd stay

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"Noon nap makes me dream of u. It's just like a complicated dream but there is u in my dream. Miss u own map..."

My bro sent me this SMS. It is not strange to have a brother sent his sister a miss but it is unusual for him to write something sweet to me. Not that he does not love me, it is just he does not always show it.

There are more from my sisters, big bro, and mum. Looks like many people dreamt about me recently. Is it time for me to really start doing something? Hum... Still have the problem of not having the problem [sigh]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's tour around Yokohama

This is my first time visiting Yokohama. I was captured by its beautiful scene and amazing breezy air. Love the smell of the sea and the mixture view of nature and skyscraper. Let's tour around with our star from Nagoya!

Entering into the beautiful world

Bang Pheara
Walking along

The Sea and that thing behind I don't know what to call

Bang Mom & Bang Veara
Going further on the wooden floor

View of the city

View of the bridge

Bang Phy
Twilight haha..

Look at the building, not him lolz...

Bye Bye!

Extra Random Shot
Flower Garden 2009

Forgot the name. Municipal, I guess.

This is it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BoA - Eat You Up

Very attracive song! Now in my playlist hehe..

America Version

(Original) Korean Version
Way cooler lolz...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day after Friday 13

Hehehe... I find it hard to get a title now. So, don't be surprise when the content is another story lolz...

I've became a homie girl now. Been blocked in the house for two whole days. Of course, not for reading, and yes, I haven't read a word. Stuck! [...] Hungry and sleepy is all I feel at the moment. So I spent my time on bed and wake up when my stomach crumble.

Btw, this is my today manu.

Easily be done and yeah!!! Bread!!! So I just pulled those left over veg. and newly bought meat out of the fridge and dumped them into the bread. Sauced it with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Then tada!!!

S Cake
Because the cream I bought is going to expire tmr, I have to use it today. So, don't ask me for another why out of a sudden, the cake is here lolz...
So self-center, S in the middle of the Cake haha...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bee on stage

Date: March 08, 2009
Location: ISPP

Bee is my niece. She is now 6 going on 7. She used to play piano with me when she was around 2 or 3. I didn't know she would go on stage playing piano at all. I know, this is not the best of all but I am proud she made it through after 6 lessons. The teacher said she's got a gift from nature but is a little too Ja Lerm lolz... Well, just again, I'm proud to see her play well at this age. Hopefully, she would keep going and keep it at least as a hobby.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Focus (?)

Trying to focus; get myself a picture lolz...


This graceful tiger colored feline is the Worlds most expensive cat - Ashera. This kitten will cost you $22,000 plus $1,500 more for shipping.
Ashera cat
Named after the Hebrew goddess Ashera cats are actually the hybrid of African wild cat and common domestic cat. Despite their price and beauty you can feed them with usual feline nutrition. I think if you can afford 22 grands worth cat, you won’t save pennies on food for her.

If only I could get you this beautiful girl as a gift. Let's wait first hehe...

Source: Lifestyle Pets

New Phone

More than a year yet less than 2, I spoiled the previous one that said to be taken good care after having it bedazzled. Now I own a new one and I won't promise a thing lolz... Enjoy playing with it and forgot to read today :(

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ski Trip 09

This is my second time and is the last to go skiing. The first was a blast and this second time was amazing though I kept falling down over and over again. Now, see the pic yourself.

Day I

Sweat skiing

Group 4

Extra (after skiing)



Day II

It is getting colder


Group 4 with instructor


No more walking

The show, can you see?


The tree


Going home

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A letter

When was the last time I called home? It shouldn't have been that long but I just can't remember. When did I last send home a letter? That, I don't remember too. But by looking at this letter with my new address paste over the old one, I know it must have been ages since I last written home a letter.

After reading a one page letter with threes photos attached with, I could not hold back these drops. Feeling so guilty and shameful for the act that I have done. It was like a crime and I deserve to be punished. Somehow, I am begged for understading.

Thoughts race through my head. I could not bring myself to pull out the paper and pick up the pen. My poor brain has once again stopped working and I don't even know how to close my eyes.