Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's today when I kept on searching for someone I know. Somehow, every corner I look at I found strangers. Second to hours, my chest is crumpling. The sky turned grey with cloud and the rain started to fall. I then joined.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Twin Rainbow

Rainbow, I don't remember when I last seen it. Anyway, it was awesome seeing again after a long while. So heare are pictures I've taken while I was on a trip to Mondlkiri.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Beauty of the nature is at its best to make me lose in it. The wind is searching its way through my hair. Gently blowing it all away outta my face, the breeze touched my cheek. I took a very deep breath, held it to the longest I could and released it with a loud scream. I wish you could hear me. You didn't hear a single thing from me. You were standing there having your back at me. I wished you would turn around. But you just didn't. You started walking through the cloudy sky. The white dash is twirling around you. It's making me lost sight of you...

I backwardly walked off and surprisingly felt you on my skin. As I was about to smile and turn to look at you, you pushed me away from the coast. I fell... I kept on falling... I could see the ground. It's coming closer to me. I nearly touch the ground when then...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Letting go" Reapeating the word, my chest beats with pain.

Broken, world left me alone. Helping myself consuming the most air I could, I choked. I closed my eyes trying to forget the moment. You were there by the open door. You gave me one last glance and walked toward the dark tunel. I followed you from afar hoping to get closer but I couldn't. I lost sight of you. There were no more light. The only thing I could feel was my heavy breathing. I tried to walk further. I didn't seem to get anywhere. I kept moving but I still couldn't find a way out. I was there when suddently... I took a deep breath. "This is just a nightmare", I murmured to myself. I took another deep breath and opened my eyes. I'm leaking... through my eyes.

Monday, October 05, 2009

D&D's Wedding - Day II Evening

Believe it or not, she beats me (real hard) hahhahaha... និយាយែលងេទ:P

Alright, here are more of her pic. She looked stunningly beautiful on her special day. Smile rarely faded away from her lips. It's just there and I couldn:'t help smiling to myself and think hehe... អត់tell eh haha...

Alright, Congrats sis!!! And Dom too!!!

D&D's Wedding - Day II Morning

Saturday, October 03, 2009

D&D's Wedding - Day I

Just a sneak peek hehe... Gotta sleep and wake up very early tomorrow :(

Pi-thy Krong Pea Li

Pi-thi Saut Mun Cham Reun Prah Bor Rith

Pi-thy Cheav Khan Sla