Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This morning I went to school as usual but when I'm back there was call fromm an unknown woman who called me to get my stuff that is sent by my friend. Well, the stuff that I'm talking about is DVDs that you can see in the pic. Frankly, I don't really know if he's my friend or not cos we knew each other through the net which I have no believe in it. However, it's proved to be real now. I kinda hardly believe that there is a kind of people like him who would do so. Hum... Maybe because we are the same nation that made him doing it. I'm happy to know such a kind people like him, anyway.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Smile appears on my face because of you :)

After reading all comments that were given to my previous post, I feel even better that now I can smile happily to you all as you can see in this pic. Thank you so much for your concern about me as well as to write me comments. I am thankful of your precious ideas which had helped me to feel much better than before; moreover, I seems to have strenth to fight against the problem that I am facing now.

Well, before, Diary was what I considered to be my only bestfriend that I can share both my sadness and happiness. But now, I found many bestfriend who are not just a book but a real person that exist in my life that I can share my happiness and sadness; in addition, they can give me ideas, suggestion, and comments (as what you did to my previous post).

Thank you all again and agian :)

Anyway, to reduce stress and to refresh my mind I had dicided to have a party with my old friend at my farmland. Actually, this plan had made since last sunday(before problem getting to me) but I was about to cancel it due to the depression I got from the problem I am facing now. However, after your support and care are given I choose to have it as it had planned.

Thanks again and again for your help. You means alot to me. I know and will always remember that I am not alone and you all are with me.



Thursday, August 25, 2005

Better to talk

I had been so down for the last few days and now I am still not well but a bit better after I had talked over the problem I got. I had never thought I would tell anyone how much do I suffer and never let anyone sees my weakness. However, last night, I did show it out. Not on purpose though. I know crying is not the solution but it does help when we don't know what to say or what to tell. Sharing was what I considered to be sth useless and shame to say but it had turned out to be a very useful way to consolve ourself. It does help me, though not much but at least not to cry again. I don't know what had changed me to be who I am now... So hard to say but it's like that...


Friday, August 19, 2005

Had a little fun with cutie niece ;)

Hang out with mum, sisters, and niece... it was not much but it took us hours to have a little dinner lolz... Hum... well, did play with niece in the car. Yeah, we had gone wild hahahahahaha.... it was so funny hehehehe.... er... just keep laughing and laughing then we arrived home :( need to say goodbye to my cute niece but well, she was asleep already lolz... ok, just leave and that's it.

Wanna hang out tomorrow as I don't have to go to school for a study club... it's friday lolz... yeah, yet, have to take piano lesson :( so boring lolz... don really like it now... just as usual, never practice at all... ok, parents had spent lots for that so have to, have to, and have to ... hum.. :(


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I got BAD feeling after reading all those stupid comments

I had just visited, read the story, and read those comments in Darlinglife blog. I felt really really bad about those who said Cambodia is THUG! Another one is KEWLI who posted a comment in my blog, saying my country is so currupted. Really, where there is no corruption? I believe, every country is the same about this problem. It is just more or less.

I am terribly sorry to hear about Liling's problem that she had posted in her blog. According to the story in her blog, her husband's family use power to do what they wish for, kidnap their own son, banned him not to meet her again, taken away his passport, and never allowed to be connected with her, without any authority by law. She believes they could do such a thing because a member of his family is one important officer in military affair, also they are rich which could easily bribe the officer in order to do what they want.

Comments were given support to her and bad view of Cambodia were also given. They are right to say her husband's family is Thug but NOT Cambodian. It's just one small part that they can see but they made judgment as a whole. I completely disagree with what they are thinking and saying about Cambodia. Not because I am Cambodian (though it might play a part) but I know they had made it wrong.

She was told not to go to Cambodia by the embassador and her husband. It's not safe to be in Cambodia alone as she's a girl. I ask you, is it safe for a girl to be anywhere else beside Cambodia when she doesn't know the language and the location or...? Is it safe to be where you are not welcome? Is it safe to be where there is someone who against you and who had tried so hard to suffer you? Her husband told her not to come might be because he knows his family would do something bad to her but not that Cambodian would do something to her.

Ok, ok, ok,... There are many things to say but what I really mean is that Liling's problem is only about one family in Cambodia so you guys shouldn't judge Cambodian through only one thing that you can see. I, actually, accept that our country might not be as good as yours yet as you know, we had just started from below zero.

Hum... I am not good at convincing people to believe what is fact about my country but I really want people to know that we are not THUG.

Truly love cambodia,


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Old friends again ;-) Posted by Picasa

My little princes :-) Posted by Picasa

New Stamp and New Digital Camera

Well, it's Tuesday already but I wanna talk about yetsterday, Monday. It was not really nice, maybe it's just a simple day yet it was kinda a better day. I did some work at last. I finished my part B, take home questions, and did some reading for my presentation. Well, lucky me that I don't have to present that evening as he wanted to have discussion and give out some works. However, it wouldn't be better as on Wednesday we still needed to present which might be a bit harder as we just got 2 short essays to write.

By the way, I just got a stamp from my friend. Hik hik... One of my friend said, what status am I to have my own stamp-name? I'm just a student lolz... Well, it's just that I like the font so decided to have one tov. It was even better when I don't have to pay for that kekeke... So nice, right? However, I did copy a book for him yet it's still cheaper than what he gave :P

Oh... one more thing, I just got my own camera. It was just like the old one that had already broke, the diff. is pixel which is a number bigger. Everything is the same even the color lolz...

Ok, that's it for now. Sth more later ;)

Family Picture! Posted by Picasa

Family Picture! Can find which is me? Posted by Picasa