Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1st day back to High School

My first day back to high school for who i am is unlike who i was lolz.... I was alittle nevous but kinda feel alittle funny in thought as I walked to the class. I didn't actually know what I am suppose to do there. I am very new with the position I am taking. As I walk, many student look at me and kinda wondering where I would be. Finally, I came to room 17. Hum... the kids are very friendly, asking if I were their examinor and bla bla bla...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Vitking House


Movie: The Winter

... and drinking.

What are you doing ning?

Wonder what are they looking at ning?

They are fighting for popcorn (by Sopha)

Sopha! Take picture sin tov cham eat later hehehe...

On top of Sorya Shopping Center
While waiting for the movie to be shown
Cinema Sorya
This is a special picture because it was forbidden not to take picture there still we can have one hehehe...

Lunch @ Kuy Teav Touk Restaurant

Not yet seen the food phorng, everything is gone bat tov heuy hehehe...

They also take one cos they were jelouse with me and davy hahaha....

While waiting, take one picture sin...

Took picture once we entered ;)


Participant: Davy, Me, Sopha, and Kalyan

Exhibition Area

Friday, February 24, 2006

His voice...

Break time just over, i got his sms asking if i were in class. Well, sorry dear, i just can't reply cos i was in a group discussion for which i need to share ideas, more, i don't want to be noticed by my lec.

i just got the time to reply when i was on the way to another school. And when i reached there, he called me. Oh god!!! how happy i was to hear his voice, esp. in such a caring way. Though if i was not happy his voice would have brithen me up, and it did.

Thanks so much for ur sweet call. It means alot to me.

Love U,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Date: 23 Feb, 2006 Time: 1:00am

It happened this morning when I done my exam. I phoned my sis and asked her to go home as I drove with her when coming to school. She told me to wait another 10mins then she'll call me when she leaves the workshop which was talking about thesis. I waited for about an hour still there's no phone call. Then I went to meet her in the workshop room, I asked to leave still she insisted me to stay. Well, after saying no to her, she seems to prepare her stuff but not willingly then I decided to come home without her.

Lunch time, I went down, my elder sis blamed me for the reason why I left my twin sis at school as she was coming after me when I leave. BAD sister, she said.

Ok, I am BAD. So what? I give her 1hour is not enough? She told me to wait only 10mins what's that another 50mins is all about? I HATE waiting though I usually let others wait for me. It's bad, I know. So what? This is ME! I always am and I always will be!!!!

Anyway, I'm sorry sis. I was too much on you. But you do know who I am.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

27th Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A gift from HIM

Just as I received a call telling that I got a gift from Singpaore, I felt happy, curious, surprise, and more.... Lots of things came up into my mind. I suddenly get dress and be ready to take it from the post office though I had thought of not going out today. So bad, there's no delivery. On the way there, I could not stop thinking of how had he done that. He did surprise me. I feel loved and more. I suddenly want to sms or call him to let him know that I got the gift. But I did nothing till night time that I came online and thank him. I did something that doesn't really mean as much as the way I feel. I feel glad but sad at the same time. I disappoint him again. I could do nothing but to sorry. I just want to tell him again and again that I LOVE HIM so much for NOW and FOREVER.

My Valentine's Day

At around 9.30am I was told to sign to get an important letter. It turned out not to be only one but 3, one for my Aunt, one for my sis, and another for me. What a surprise? The letter is from someone I don't know but it's clearly stated my name. However, the sender's name is in Japanese. Hum... How to read? I don't know Japanese. Just hop it's not written in Japanese, and well, it's not but in Khmer. What a relief! Ok, the letter sounds funny. Oh.. but still I don't know who sent this. I could make a guess though. There's a "trademark smile" mention in the letter. Well, thanks friend!

One more thing, I got a bunch of rose with a box of chocolate from my dearest sister. She always is the one who never miss a year giving me these two lovely things. I LOVE YOU, SISTER :)

A short story

by Me~*

The sun was shining so bright that I could hardly open my eyes while walking to a restaurant where my friends were waiting for me. As I enter I saw a guy, who were quite familiar to me, who I thought to be someone I know clearly but it's just impossible for him to be here and though he was sitting in the table near my friends' having his back turning to me. My heart's beating fast. Imagining if this guy is really HIM? Had he came to me for this special day? Had he thought of surprising me? Or....? Well, well, well,... I thought too much. He just couldn't be here at this time. He supposes to be in a meeting, I think. I mean he told me so last night. So I just turn to my friend, who were waving her hand as a sign to let me know where she is. I walked on to her table and suddenly I notice that the guy who was sitting now standing up. It seems like he's about to go somewhere. I wonder where he would be going. Walking to me? Walk out? I don't know I just knew he is alone at the table. I want to see his face so that I would know if he's that someone-I-want-him-to-be or if not, I'd stop thinking of him as someone-I-want-him-to-be; but, sadly his face still being somewhere out of my sight. Looking at that guy in detail, he is very much alike to that someone-I-want-him-to-be. Quite straight, soft, and a little long with the style of that hair of his which I think I used to touch and feel had made me think that he is that someone I want him to be. Even the t-shirt he was wearing for which I think I used to put my hands on is quite a style that someone-I-want-him-to-be usually wears. Have a look at the color of the trouser; it's so much a like to the one I used to see that someone-I-want-him-to-be used to have it on. More focus on the shoes? Hum... It's a little different, but why the size seems to be so the same? I could hardly tell that he's not that someone-I-want-him-to-be. BUT, if he really is someone-I-want-him-to-be they why would he act as so ignoring me like this? Why would he be here alone? Why would he have nothing in his hand or not even a rose on his table? I keep wondering why he's here, doing nothing, with no one. Maybe he's waiting for his girlfriend, friends, or someone? As I was asking why and why in the head, I saw him walking out of his table. It seems like he's turning his face to me. OH GOD!!! My heart starts to beat faster and faster again. I'm about to know who he really is...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

D a d d y ' s A r m y ! ! !

Just check it here and there then saw this pic, kinda interested then share it here tov lolz...
It was when we went to Kompong Som as a family, big family, including in laws and more .... Oh.. but no biggest bro since he was not here, too bad lolz... Miss him big big now, but just had an agument with him hahaha....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thanks for your comment

"Hey you, nothing wrong, I am the right track, just wanna know more as others always does. Don't u think to know more about everything around you will make your life more beautiful, meaningful. Dreaming, keeping dreaming, because you will always have a new goal, all you need to catch it is to learn about it. Cannot accept only what I have now because I don't know whether it's permanent"
Kasekor Khmer

"There is nothing that does not change"
Unknown, given by Kasekor Khmer

"When you have the whole world in your hand, but you lose peace it is useless I think..."

Well, after reading all these I feel I've learnt something, something that I think it help my feeling not to feel something, something, something,.. well, whatever! I just wanna say thanks to all of you for your concerning about me. It's really nice to have you all as a friend.



Monday, February 06, 2006

A talk to myself

Hey you! What's wrong? Are you out of your mind? Never thought you'd be this greedy. You know, you've gotten enough, I mean, more than enough now. What else do you want? Anything you wish should always come true? Impossible! Stop dreaming! And stop wanting! Accept what you got and be happy with it. Life will be beautiful. And you'll enjoy it!


Friday, February 03, 2006

U know, they waited for me till i leave school that then we celebrate the birthday for Pheak together... they are just so nice :) more, they went to take me from school teat... imagine how happy u'll be when u a tired and got friends around like this? Posted by Picasa

HAHAHAHAHA.... finally, i can have the cake now ... :P it was so nice, u know? Posted by Picasa

Making a wish and blow the candle soon hehehee.. then i'll hve the cake hahahaha... it's just my favorite lolz.... Posted by Picasa

This is her cake lolz... can't offord to buy a bigger one so just hope that these two pieces is enough hehhe.... Posted by Picasa