Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Evening

I had a rough evening. I received critics and you know I was not pleased. Suck even more when I wheeled the car out, a ball hit the left side right where I sat. How reckless the player was! Obviously, he saw me coming out. It's a gate way, come on! He could have stopped for one freaking moment to let me leave but he chose to continue. I again wasn't pleased and this time sizzled with a little madness.

So I was not in the mood to eat crappy food at home. Mum is not here, food ain't the same. How I wish mum could come home sooner. I rang Nak and he was at Park Cafe. Crap. I had to make my way back to where I could have spent just 10mns to arrive. But this is going to take me 30mns and it did.

I walked in and I saw his back turned to me. It reminded me of all those time we hang out at the Coffee shop while we were still dating. I was mostly late and he was always there waiting. A great moment flashed back and I forgot about those things I've just encountered.

This is a plus for his big smile :)

Me and my appetizer ចាយ៉
I was expected a mixture of spring rolls but it turned out the Menu is yet changed :(

So I had to eat them

Here's my main dish. It tastes pretty good.

Here's something I noticed. A little abnormal but I wouldn't dare judging they are having a wrong wording. It's just I've heard more of សាច់...ឆាខ្ញី/ម្រេច but they had in the other way round. My thinking was it's a little more of a direct translation from English while there's Khmer wording available. Shame?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dad's Return

Dad just returned from Indonesia and was ready to leave for a meeting. So I stole a shot and Nak was half cut off haha...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Korean BBQ: Dall

I've eaten home food for weeks and it bores me. It doesn't taste the same when MUM's not around the kitchen any more. I want my mum back, sissy! Hahaha... Anyway, not to spoil the mood, I and Nak went for Korean BBQ around Toul Kork area, Dall. We ordered two dishes but the side dishes were countless. My stomach was satisfied after eating like a horse haha...

Following are just photos to share :) 

No News is Good News

Apply only at workplace ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Closing the Deal Party

After months of stress, the deal has finally come to an end. Thanks goodness! And here we celebrate the Closing the Deal Party! Yay!
I pampered myself with a glass or two of wine :D

Party by the Pool! Isn't that ideal?

My Haircut/Hairdo

People say I look better with longer hair. Maybe?

Monday, November 07, 2011


I always thought White or/and long tail gown is always for the bride but today lady's fashion trend doesn't seem to allow the bride to shine even on their very special day!

Just my thought

Thursday, November 03, 2011

November 2011

Some months, I am just so busy.

01: NGBs meeting
02: Pirate of the Caribbean Premier Nigh
03: Neat's 3rd Birthday
04: Beck's Wedding
05: Kathen/Bang  Ne's Birthday
06: Funeral
07: Second Cousin's Wedding
08: Vandy&Vansok's Wedding
09: Holiday begins!
10: Photoshooting
11: Trip to KPS/Virak's Brother's Wedding
12: Trip to KPS
13: Trip to KPS
14: Back to WORK (as hell)
19: DM's 1st Birthday
20: Mum's Friend's Daughter's Wedding

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Here comes another new coffee shop in town: the coffee bean & tea leaf.

I'm still on my holiday while Nak is already back to work. Groan him lol... while Nak bang is still in her pajama, I have no one to come for a coffee with me. So here I am all alone sipping coffee to my heart contents. This is not sad. I'm loving the moment having to care nothing but what a delicious coffee

cappuccino single shot is a little too sweet for me. Here they serve in a little different way than the other. No large or small, it is either single or two shots of coffee. The cup is pretty huge already. This costs me 3.2$ ain't cheap Eh?

Croissant for 1$ while I could have 2 at Coffee Plus. I'm just saying :P Overall, coffee is smooth and fresh. Very easy to drink. I love it but I wouldn't go for croissant here