Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kota's Parade

These are pictures taken from Kanha's, Ricky's, and my cam. I gotta tell that these are the best I can get from the 3 cam lolz... Enjoy!

On our way to join the parade
Don't mind my messy hair ne, it just can't be helped lolz...

Getting ready


Alright, Coconut dance once again (but with new comer, guess who?)

Walking around the village(?)
I look too happy here

Bad Kohai, what are you doing with my head?

Got lost
Poor us lolz...

Finally, we are on the right train on our way back home
3 dancers and a very helpful girl(?)

It was a very tiring day. We left school around 13.30 but arrived at our destination at around 15.30, which is later than the plan was. The weather was very hot. We gotta perform at an open space. I was shaking though this is my 4th time already. I somehow enjoy the parade very much. Since our CD player doesn't properly, first technical problem, later was out of gasoline, we all sang. Plus, we danced. Now I feel more and more of a CAMBODIAN. I enjoy the parade, not only because I can dance and sing with friends, but also to have such an opportunity to show the world that THIS IS CAMBODIA.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to IR

Where I spent my first 6 months here

Missing you

Chinese Food

Yao Wei, Wendy, my classmate in both Jurisprudence and Corporate law, invited us, me and cheat, to have a try of her Chinese food as a farewell since she's going back to her home country in early August. The food was good but I couldn't eat much since most have no meat lolz... Anyway, I enjoy the time alot. We didn't only eat but talk talk talk talk and talk hahaha... Ok, enjoy the picture.
Cat's Ear, her food creation ^_^

Wendy, Cheat, and ME~*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008


Since we've eaten quite many heavy dinner, this time, we decided to have a very light one hehe... hopefully, we won't wake up to eat again lolz....

***Salad: Cheat
***Cheese Garlic Bread: ME~*

Num Paing Ktis

Remember this dessert? I still remember going for this dessert whenever I leave class. It taste really good with the bread. You now, bread is my favorite and I'll choose it over rice lolz...

So, Cheat made it and share it with me. How nice to have such a good house mate??? Hehehe... I'm not taking advantages of her lah...

PS: Kvas Ktim tich, or else it's a complete one [wink]


It was during my last visit home. These girls are such an inspiration.

Left to right: Bang Vy, never give up her hope on love. Me, you don't wanna know about me, Bang Phea, always be there for you.
Below: Bang Rath, honest and positive always.

How I miss the moment, the sea and the people around me. Even though my most time was spent with W, I also enjoy the moment I had with these girls.


Not physically tired but really fed up with thinking. I doubt if my brain could just rest for a little while. At least when I sleep. Hum... Can't wait till end of July.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Love by Jordan Pruitt


She said "We should have a Pink Party for you girls". "There will be pink balloon, pink cover, and everything is in pink", she added. She gave a speech with a smile.

Now, where the h*** is that party in PINK??? It just never exist, how dare you say those?

You intentionally kill my like for you [lolz]

Well, well, after all, you are nothing to me. You never remember me. You never notice me. You never see who I was. You never know how much I worth. You just never know, lady!

Oh... and I'm jealous when I see this picture.

Kolap Preah Vihea

Composed by Mr. Sok ChumNo
Sung by Ms. Sokun Nisa & Mr. Chhorn Sovannareach

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner for 3

The picture looks so simple but the taste was dol ka kor lolz... Nowhere but HERE!!!Cooked and prepared by ah Pork! Dishes were washed by Kanha. Food are most eaten by ME~* hahahahaha...


Vacation is coming. The end of everything is coming too. My tutor session has finally come to an end at this noon. Out of surprise, she gave me this folded fan. I didn't know that we have to make it this memorable. But anyway, she did it and I didn't haha... From now on, I'll bring it along to keep me out of this hot hot hot and hot and hot hot hot summer!!!

PS: Thanks, Haruna!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Badminton again. Stitch became stink when I was done playing badminton hehe... Alright, keep going more often now, for health and fitness lolz...

Kanha arrival

Finally, she's here. The 3 NGBs are now together. Can't wait till November hehe... there are more to come lolz....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Star Festival @ JICA

Description here. More picture below:


Dokoi Soo??? Japanese Dance :)

Photo session

Transformed into Jappanese lolz...

Japanese boy and girls, plus (and esp.) Khmer Girls (hehehe...)

Japanese boys Vs Khmer girls

Wishing Hour

Bang Hun

Uh oh! No peeking on my wishing paper hehe..

Yum Yum

See that M sign?

Free stuff!!! Grab one!!!

R, thanks for inviting us to perform and enjoy the party at JICA. Y, can't wait to see more picture from your cam since mine sucks lolz...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suppose to be Busy Day

July 11, 2008
The schedule was
8.45 Academic Writing
10.00 Bang Panhha Ph.D thesis presentation
13.00 Jurisprudence
14.30 Group discussion
15.40 Bowling
18.00 Extra session (JR)
20.00 Class dinner
21.00 Bowling
24.00 Karaoke

The actual day was
8.40 woke up
9.00 entered Academic writing class
10.05 attend bang panhha thesis presentation
11.00 lunch
13.00 jurisprudence class
14.45 sleep
17.15 woke up
17.30 coffee
17.45 left home
17.55 printing paper
18.00 left computer room
18.05 attend extra session
19.00 tea break
19.15 resume
20.20 finished class
20.30 walk to motoyama
20.45 arrived
20. 55 start
23.30 left the restaurant
23.50 arrived home
00.33 blogging lolz...

Friday, July 11, 2008

As a senator

This is an extra session from Jurisprudence class which is taught by Pro. Morigiwa, my favorite one. It was quite cool as we were named as Senator. In this session, we were to discuss as well as to debate on the amendment of the abortion section in Criminal law of Duvida. Even was I chose to be Pro-choice party, in the end, I was assigned to be in Pro-life. It was pretty difficult yet interesting to go against our will hehe... Alright, I highly recommend this class to you if you haven't yet taken ;)

Liberal Party

Mr. Friendly President hehe...

Some of us

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Body ache

Remember this?

Yeah yeah yeah, that's the cause of my body ache now [ow ow ow...]

Wanna write

But I've been looking at this screen since yesterday and get nothing to write. Really, I wana write lolz...

Monday, July 07, 2008


I don't remember what I did one year ago. I don't even have the record though I've been blogging almost everyday.

Today, I stayed indoor. It's getting hotter and hotter. I sweat every time I walk out. I don't feel good about it. So, I stay at home; more precisely, in room.

Lots are going on my mind again. Basically, about this choice I have to make. Here or There? Yah! This is PIK BAK!

Note: Today this year I do nothing beside looking at picture, chatting, surfing the net, listening to music, watching movie, blogging, bla bla bla...