Tuesday, May 27, 2014

3rd Year Anniversary

I showered, cleaned my face and put my make up on. I pulled my hair up, twisted it around and pin it with bobby pin. I slid into my little black dress and zipped myself. Putting my high heel on, i strutted into the car. Off we went to celebrate our Anniversary.

Vann was the place. We had a good time again since a long time ago.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Project

I could be a little too excited right now. Somehow, this may potentially be my weekends view. Anyway, I'm browsing through pinterest to steal some new ideas. I'll share with you when my excitement comes to picture.

Happy Holiday everyone!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ninja's BD

Ninja is a wild tigress. She is a good friend of mine. I found her in the wood while I was looking for food (haha...). The truth is we were colleague at S&A and have been friends since 2009. Even though I no longer with S&A, we still hang out all the time.

2 May is her birthday. We had an intimate celebration the night before (which left us all hangover the day after) and today she hosted a bigger birthday celebration i.e. high tea birthday at FCC. It was a nice and classic birthday celebration. We simply had tea and snack, chit chat, sharing information, getting to know one another and just had a good time. Following are just few pics to share: 
 Nin, the Birthday Girl!

Snack and card
We're given card to wish her birthday. That's thoughtful for guest who forgets to buy one for her (lol)

Birthday girl and S&A team
Mary, Ninja, Navy, Me~* and Nary