Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Weeks @ Home

It was a short holiday and I didn't do much of a thing but I did enjoy every moment I spent there. Now share picture.

Breakfast @ Fresco

Elen & Touch

Me & W

Trip to Sg

Taken by Bee


& Kiddo...

The background was displyed for Chinese New Year but I wasn't there on that day phorng...

V Day!

Me & W

Kompong Som

Random Style

Me & Touch

@ W Apartmenet

Me, Pheak, & Smey

Lunch with RULE Friends



Mum & Dad

Bee's funny!

Dad & Aunty

Lunch with Ladies from JP

Ladies ONLY

TOUCH's Departure



Friends & Family

Dinner @ Lucky Burger


Nak Bang


Lunch @ Rum Chorng

Nak Bang & Lok Bang

MUM & Bang Phoung

Bang Né & Grandma

Me & W

@ Bang TO's Farm

Me & W

Don't you think the picture look just like her? I drew it ^_^

Me & Nak Bang

@ Sis House

Me & MUM

Departure Day

Gotta eat before going

My family (except bang tourt hehehe...)


PS: I wanna go HOME!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nagoya Again

So,... 2 weeks is too short for a holiday back home, don't you think so? I haven't met all friend nor spent as much time as I wish with W yet. But well, probably this could be a reason for my next holiday home. Right?

Tired and headached after eating, no idea why. Gotta rest now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

*~Happy Birthday Y@N~*

Wish you all the best dear!

PS: Sorry for such a late wish but I know you don't mind ne ^_^

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick click

But nice one, isn't it?

PS: Remember where this place is, sis?


It surprised me even more when I walked to school. Everywhere was white and there were cars stopped along the way for some reason I don't know. And it was kinda slippery also. Quite dangerous; still, snow is beautiful. Pictures below are taken by Bang Panhha but Bang Samrach's DC. Thanks god that made me meet them along the way to school or else no picture to post here lolz....
Smile too big

Try to be cute but blur

Naturally... but what the hell was that V for?

I love this one the most ^_^
FYI, we born on same date.
Triple with my twin hehehe...