Friday, November 30, 2007

I've tried not to say it but I couldn't stop it.

Say it if you really hate me. But please give me reason why. Unreasonable reason is not accepted, please be aware of that lolz...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 AM

I'm still awake. It's not because my japanese test was badly done (I don't usually care about mark), not because I am lonely (my sis is sleeping here as I could still see under the light of my PC), not because I am not happy (nth to be sad since no more house chore), not because i am missing home (i just seen my mum, sis, aunty, and niece through webcam), not because of this, not because of that, and bla bla bla... I'm here for no reason. Sometimes, it's just so and so i am doing it.

How lucky he is?

Got surrounded by all the ladies ^_^

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just browse it here and there and found this in Phana's blog and think it's kinda correct but I found mine to be not. But well, at least, I'm Cinderella as I always wish to be ^_^

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Cinderella. Yes, I am. You are hard-working (I don't think so) and never complain (I do, and it's a lot) , however, your trust is sometimes misplaced (Hum.. I'm not so sure about that) and people sometimes take advantage of you (haha.. none ever be able to). Still, you are beautiful inside and out, (well, quite a good compliment. I take it kekeke..) and one day you will realize it and find true love (I already found one but what to realize?).
Find Your Character @

What City Should You Live In?

You should live in Rome (They just don't have Phnom Penh in their list). You avoid conflict and take life a little slower than most (Totally agree). Rome's sun, culture, food, and siestas are a perfect match for your easy-going attitude (whatever you say, have never been to ROME before).
Find Your Character @

What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?

You were a unicorn. You were mysterious and noble. You have fairytale traits, and other people can only dream in envy. Your nature is completely impossible to decipher and behind all that, you know that you shine bright, for only the luckiest people get the chance to know you.
Find Your Character @

Which College Major Should You Be?

Your major should be Art. You are sensitive, creative, and you don't follow established rules. Unfortunately, you'll have to follow some rules if you ever want that promotion at Starbucks.
Find Your Character @


There she stand looking at the moon in her white dress just like an angel. With the last step she could hear and turn, he was down on his knee... bla bla bla.

That's what my in law did on my sis birthday. Aint that just so sweet???

***Picture edited by Bang Vy, my sis' friend.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SHE's here!!!

Too excited to say a word.

Just met her for few minute before test.

Paper Rock and scissors Style hehehe...

PS: Thanks to Bang Phy for helping me picking up my sis na! Do appreciate it lolz... But pay you later cos now totally broke hahaha...




 しゅうまつ、わたしはともだちといっしょにボーリングをしにいきます。 にほんでのあたらしいしゅみはバドミントンです。バドミントンをするのはおもしろいです。いま、バドミントンがすきです。まいしゅうかようびにバドミントンをします。

To be presented tomorrow. HELP!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

When I read this...

In Cam,bodia, it is a holiday season now, the boat- race is approaching, the weather is very pleasant, cool breezes with sunshine, all my orchids, bloom with pink, white, red, yellow, colors, my roses also bloom, the butterflies and bumble bees are sucking honey of the multi-color blossoms in the early sunshine of the cool morning, so if you observe nature you feel happy.

... I wanna go home lolz...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Never again...

I'll never be able to drive again as long as I am here :( And I miss it badly now lolz...

Me and my sis, on our way to Kompong Som... There were two more kids at the back hehehe... You know who they are?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Running behind the schedule

There is this schedule that i carelessly drafted out yet was strongly intended to follow. However, I ended up failing it again and again (you know what I mean, the usual failure). For only one reason, ... (there are too many to mention, actually kekeke.. so you see? I ot mention).

So now, I'm stuck in study room and not studying because I'm busy posting in this alittle lop lop blog.

Need to go home now. Wish me luck for another bad day ^_^

In Study Room

But not studying hehehe...

Save time, Save money, and Save knowledge

How can I ever do that???

How about this?

Too stress... need to do some ot-ban-ka thing lolz...

Monday, November 12, 2007


なまえ: サンボ サンポア



Thursday, November 08, 2007


"Other is living to work, but this little prince is working to live" said my cousin.

Up and Down, and down, and down!

I wonder why I have to face such a situation here. A month has gone and I haven't yet found a minute I like about life in here yet. Is it because I'm so different or whatever is the reason? I am getting more and more pressure of not being able to move on. I'm afraid to lose and so unhappy when I lose; however, I make no effort to win. So, life has gone down from day to day. Yesterday was this problem, today is another case, and tomorrow gonna be a new disaster. I'm tired of smiling with the pain inside. But what can I do? I'm a heartless-becoming.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Increase my allowance PLEASE

I broke a cup and it cut my hand. Then I fried the chicken wing which my hand got burned with 4 dots. I wish there's a cook for me here. I'm tired of eating my Ot-delicioius food but has to cook everyday. Don't call me out cos I'm totally broke with the phone bill. Ah... the allowance should be increased! Is there any way I can do that?

Just so you know, I'm doing ok here beside the financial crisis ^_^


I got this email from a friend telling that the graduation in RULE will be delayed from November to January. However, I'll go home by mid-feb. So guys!!!! PRAY FOR IT TO BE DELAY TILL THEN...

Monday, November 05, 2007


Phew!!! After some minutes, it's all done. Look what I got!

Hot hot in cooking pot hehehe...

Look so delicious te???

So, this is my first time making this dissert. For some reason, I like it alot hehehe... However, I can't find Bay Dom Nerb here. So you see? I use Bay Thomada hehehe... It taste pretty good though. I'll let my friend eat it after posting this pic cos she's waiting for me up there now hahha... Anyway, I don't know what it is called in English but in khmer it is called SongKya :D

I'm dying @_@

Right after I got home (i mean residence) I checked my mail box and was so happy to get two letters. However, i dropped my face when I found out that there is a bill. I checked it when I got in my room And look what I got! It's a shock! I'm gonna die this month. MUM HELP!!!!!

Pink Vs Purple

Hello mum! I spend again. Well, don't talk about the price since it's alredy paid. But if anyone of you wanna help me then ask so, I'll be glad to tell and get the $$$ from you hehehe... So, as you see in picture, it's my newly bought racket hehe... love it cos there's pink (represent my sis) and purple (represent me) hehhe.. Aint it look so lovely together?

*** you know you have to say yes hahahaha....***

Friday, November 02, 2007

Host Family

Few weeks ago, I had registered for a host family and just a few days ago, I got a letter informing me of my host family. However, yesterday, I got a call telling me that my host family is sick and unable to welcome me :( But that's not all, they have found me a new host family which picture is above. My host mom called me and mailed to greet me. She speaks English! Yay! Cool leh? I'm not gonna have a bad time picturing myself listening to Japanese Language which I have no idea where its head is headed to though I'll miss CSAN Bowling Champion Fall 07. Hope to have a great weekend with my host family ^_^