Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The lamp

I once mentioned that I failed to get a lamp for years. Finally, I have one now but I didn't buy it. My sister gave to me when I talked about trying to get a good one :) Thank you sissy!!!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

HLBCAM Offsite Meeting & Boat Cruise

The first Offsite Meeting was held at Naga. I was not involved much with the arrangement. This time, our CEO made everyone involved and I was assigned to be the MC given I have always been a quiet one to him. So I took the challenge and went with it. I have to admit that I thank him for making me do it. I enjoyed challenging the task and I enjoyed every bit of the meeting. I really hope that the participant found it interesting too.

Anyway, few shots to share below:
 Here's the group photo from the Management Offsite Meeting held at Raffle Le Royal

During a sharing session of oneself uniqueness.
 My favorite session with CEO sitting on a couch answering all inquiry from the staff. The floor is open to everyone to raise issue which requires attention. The fact that I love it is it makes everyone feel like a family. I am not sure if everyone think the same but I hope and I do feel so.

Later the same day, we all went on a Boat Cruise which was fun and chill. Again, few pictures to share below:
Operations Team, the biggest family!
 Credit Team
 Consumer Banking
 Business Banking
Finance, HR Audit and CEO.