Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've never been a fan of his but his death strikes my emotion. I gotta blame this old age I've became. I am more emotional than I used to be. Only today that I realize so. Since the time I was told he was sent to hospital and later announced his death, I spent my whole time watching his video. It proves me, he's a true legend. Well, R.I.P MJ.

I like this video most.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Year Birthday

This is a special morning. My phone kept buzzing with SMS and phone calls. It feels good, seriously. Friends, family and love one are celebrating the day for me. I am blessed to have them ^_^

Well, I didn't get to wake up till 3pm. I missed class. Yes, I did. It's no surprise. I am just a typical type that would struggle to find excuses than to do the job haha... Anyway, I had lunch at 4 and set out to celebrate my day at 6.

The first thing is COFFEE. I am addicted to it now. A day without it is a day with no hope haha... So, I and my girls made our way to Phonon, the new Coffee shop in School. I had the usual one, the Creamie Chocolate with ice.

Want some?

Next is Dinner. We had burger. Since time did not allowed, we finished it within 20mns.
That's Mos Burger!
Japan Fine Burger lolz...

We were rushing for Movie, the Spirit. But we didn't forget to get popcorn and drink hehe...
At the counter but I was not buying. The two were. Hope I was not abusing my right of the day :P

Instead of taking picture with the Spirit poster, I took with Harry Potter. Can't wait till the day it release, which is next month. I'm definitely going to see it :D
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince :)

After movie, we rushed home cos our save can't afford Taxi home haha...

Alright, that's it :D

P.S: Thanks Ah Pork and Nhor for celebrating the day with me and for me. You are such a bestie!!! Love you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 23rd Twin Birthday

Do you feel like going on a journey with me? Whether you like it or not, let's get going!

Sweet 16
Goodbye High School, Hello Uni!

Freshman, Yay!

Beautiful 18

We went to the same Uni, same shift and same class!

Hum... 19
We still went to the same Uni but different shift and class.

Oldie 20
A start of No.2

21 the key
We were parted for the first time but reunited on our day

22 Twinnie
From different direction but the same destination, we celebrated together once again.

Now guess what happen this year????
See it yourself!

You told me this is not sad. You told not to cry. You told me that this is going to be fine. But sis, it's not fine with me. It's not ok. It is really sad. And my heart is crying and asking why is it so? Why can't we be together today? Why am I here alone?

Being 23 doesn't make me being any older for I am crying like a child asking for the companion of my twin. With one wish, please grant me twin birthday always!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

PINKIE Evening

This morning I ran after Mr.Postman. This evening Mr.Postman left me the box lolz...
With no doubt, I know who that is. Do you know who????

Thank you so much sis! This is really sweet. Two cards is a plus hehe... It's sortta funny as well. I'm loving the gift so much!!! Love you more *Muah!!!*

'Born to be wild'

I love it when Adam sings it. Now, the song title suits me haha... I'm not sure if it was wild enough but this morning, around 10.30 , I ran after Mr.Postman to get the gift haha... And guess wha? I could barely open my eyes at the time. With barefoot, messy hair in that sleeping suit haha... I called Mr.Postman for my stuff. So, here they are:

Thanks DOM for the thoughtful and in time gift hehe... I'll make the best use of it :D

6 AM

I always find night time better for work than day time. However, it is not as productive as it used to be. I've stayed till dawn quite awhile and I feel odd living like a bat than a real human. Hum... when is this going to end?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yes, I was oddly surprised.

First, the parcel was opened before it was delivered to me.

Second, it's a wrong package.
The address reads mine but the inside actually is for my twin.

But luckily, there I was in name and as a bald baby girl haha...
I don't remember having no hair or putting on eyeliner when I was that little :P

Anyway, thank you sis!!! It's the thought that counts! Btw, I can't wait to go home and pick my gift haha...


Ever once felt this way before? I asked myself. I guess I might have. But then I wonder if that time of feeling I had was the same as this one I am now feeling. I couldn't quite say either yes or no. It's just that for now, everything seems to go round and it is like everything is connected to one another. When once I decided to move, the move will be stopped by this one thing. Then I try to find a way out of that one thing. Another thing will block the way. And I have to find a another way to unblock that another thing. Found one and that one is this first thing I am stopped by. It just goes round. I am running in a circle. There is no door for me to open and there is no way I could get out of this ball. I am stuck.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to 'Baby June' in NGO

Happy Birthday to ME~*

Thanks Yeng and Bang Hun for such a lovely cake decoration. Out of diplomacy, I do love the cake A LOT ^_^

Birthday boy and girls
Cheat, Kun, and ME~*
Happy Early Birthday to you two ^_^

! ! ! YUM YUM ! ! !

Thanks to Bang Hun, Kanharith, Bang Veara, and Piseth for the super delicious food (but spicy!!! lolz...)

**~~ $W3ET ~~**

I ate three pieces of cake. One from Cheat. One from Kun. And one from ME~*. I was almost burst out eating all of them at once haha...

Here's our cuties cuties
Thanks for your time and all

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chocobo Racing

How much I miss playing this game at home with my bros and sis. The feeling was great and I could play it all day long. Our laugh at the time could bring the whole house down haha... and Mum usually came down and warned us the too much noise we made. Hum... can't wait to be home ^_^

Monday, June 08, 2009

Unplanned BD(z) Celebration

Everytime June arrives, things ain't the same again. A special month, it is. I am baby June, in case you ain't aware of it. Now you ought to understand why June is different from other months. Also, my yab bestie happen to born just 3 days after my day. This means, I'm an oldie. However, I've never been treated like one unless a favor is in need (paraphrase sot :P). Well, that doesn't matter because I do love her and of course, she does love me dearly too :D

It's a week earlier than my real day and it's 10 days earlier than her real one. Because our gentle and innocent Nhor Nhor bought us gifts, an early celebration would be special as it is to the gift and her love for us :D So here you go a few pictures to share :)

My many pictures with the gift :D

With ah Nhor, Majas Kado hehe...

3gether blur blur...

And here it is, the gift :D

Nhor Nhor: Thanks for the lovely gift and being such a cutie for all the good thoughts of yours (Can't tell what are those though hehe...). Love ya and the gift equally hehehe...

Pork: Show off heuy heuy lolz...