Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Revenge

The best revenge is to live well.

Quoted from Beat The Bitch
By Tess Stimson

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Late night out

It's a holiday that I didn't have a chance to celebrate. I've been home and really home, if you know what I mean. Anyway, mum's gone to KPS. Taking this opportunity, I sneaked into a bar. Saint Tropez, that's where it at. Let's go through pictures ;)

Me and Nak Bang

Tequila for two
My first time trying and it's burning hot
I finished two glasses of water after the shot lolz

Me and Nak
I look rather sick but I'm not. Simply, a whole day sleeping does popping my eyeslid lolz...

Nak bang and Lok bang

Sounds like I'm such a bad kid eh? Come on, I'm still outting with sister lolz... It's more like a family ta gegegege....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Afternoon Tea

I haven't had noon time to spend at home quite a while since my job kicks off. Today is a holiday that in the middle of noon I got a chance to pour my mum tea and have a little chit chat with her :) How I wish life could be this easy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All the ladies in her house

Tired and sick, nothing heals better than being with family. And so I did.

Zee was smiling to her mum

Such a chubby chubby cheekie

"MUM, couldn't you just sit down a bit? I'm having a hard time looking up", said zee. gegege


Zee is our rising star in the family at this very moment. All the time whoever enter my sister house, Zee would be the first person everyone is looking for. No surprise, I'm one of them. So, I got more shots of her than of the rest ;)

Four Generations
Great Granny, Granny, Mama and zee

Zee and great granny (Mak tuort)

Zee and granny (Mak Yay)

Oops! Not to forget, my very first niece, Bee

Bee and her second cousin (Pair)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Saturday

It's been a while since I last spent my day productively. Then, I planned to spend my Saturday on some works. So, I asked mum to wake me up at 8 and she did. I had myself ready at 9 sth and then off on duty. First, paid my visa bill. Second, visited another bank. Third, paid internet connection.

I honestly see myself spending too large amount for this internet connection. So I was thinking of downgrading it to a 39$/Month; however, with 10% VAT it's still about 53$/month which relatively is still expensive when there are just me and my bro using it at only night time which is about 3 to 4 hours/day. The speed is only 256kbps as well. I guess I should just quit Farmville then :( I don't know; I could only wish if there's another company who could provide better price and speed. Anyone? At all?

Anyway, later I visited my niece, Z-zee. She's so cute and loving. Have a little look at her:

After playing with her for a little long while I got tired. Well, because last night I went to bed a little late and woke up a little early. So I went for a nap which took me about 3 hours straight. Awake and I got a message from my sis said to call her after waking up. Yeh, we promised to go for a cup of coffee after lunch. But my nap took almost all of the noon time already. So, we off to Gloria Jean's at early evening. I've been wishing to go since morning but my sms was not replied. A little sad but nah... at least, sissy is always there for me. And I know, that's why they are family. Always there for me :) Little thing counts if you think I'm being a drama queen.

I received an offline message from my eldest that Neath is sick. So it's quite a good reason to visit their house. I've been hoping to pay a visit few weeks ago already. Here's how we spent our two hours there :)

Bang Ne cooked. He's always been a good cook. Lucky, today he grilled beef for us. Yum Yum!!!

I'm liking this part. The colorful coconut is my brother design. He's always very creative. Lucky, this time I'm liking it haha...

Nak bang taing pi and bro

Poor sick neath

Me and my twin :P

Me and my sexy bro

Finished the day by this last shot
I'm logging for a wild night out lolz...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Serve you right!

I had a little disappointing day; let's not talk about it. To clear the thought, I went to for a little laught. And I was not disaapointed. I found this one to share.

I honestly would have done the same thing haha...