Friday, January 08, 2016

Vutha & Linda

I still remember the time I, among the other, were invited to a number of hang out only to realized later the couple were real but wasn't sure when the invitation has stopped coming in (haha...). 

I witnessed their encounter and the spark. How glad I once again witnessed another milestone of their journey together. Congrats Vutha and Linda!!!

B.Pheap, Pisey, Phearin, Rithy, Chhaya, B.Huoy, Chhoun and ME~*

With the Couple!

Chhoun, ME~*, B.Huoy, Bunseang, Mara, Phearin, B.Pheap, Runny, Chhaya and Pisey

Samourn, Mara, Rithy, Vutha-the-groom, Navoath and Bunseang

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Pheara & Sopha

Pheara is a long lost friend from High School whom I have no idea when was he going to get married until he emailed me! He finally found his Mrs. Always Right after 6 years chasing (so I heard ;P). Congrats my friend!

ME~*, Nirorn, Rithy, Chhorng and Nak

Friday, January 01, 2016

Neardeyreach Housewarming

B.Lis shared her new house planned a year ago. How exciting it was. Then ground breaking started about 8 months ago. We visited sometimes during the construction. Now, it has fully constructed and furnish with loads of wood!!! Sorry, I don't have picture of the house but a glimpse of the Housewarming Party :)

Both Dads!

(Top row: Nak, Srey Pich, B.Lis and B.Nel) (Bottom: Srey Lux and her husband)

My two sisters in law!