Sunday, February 07, 2016

Nanning Trip Day 1

It's a year planning trip with Mum and Dad. Regardless of how contrasting my schedule is, I have to make it which I'm glad I did.
Mum and Dad with the beautiful decoration at Phnom Penh Airport departing for Nanning, China.

Because Mum loves having me with her, I had to leave poor Nak sitting alone hehe...

Finally arrived Nanning Airport. The weather was kind chill.

We were welcomed with each a bunch of flower (and mine with a bunch of bear).

A token of thanks from us to Mr Zhang

Tipsy Nak with the remarkable picture of great wall.

Tea time after numerous Maotai!

End the night with a brief Karaoke

Friday, February 05, 2016

Farewell, HLBCAM!

2012 was the year it all began. 2016 is when it ends. It was a beautiful journey. The experience has taught and shaped the person I am today. I treasure the lesson and friendship I gained along the way. I am missing my HLBCAM life already.

Thank you for the beautiful and touching farewell!