Friday, April 29, 2011

Question # 1

If I were to get married with just anybody, maybe that would make my life a lot easier. Anybody could have lifted up my mood to the extend of my heart content at any given time of my swinging mood. But you are the chosen one who could not be here right now at this very moment of my need. I rather not going through what brought me down because I chose to feel bad and do not need justification of my own definition. I was asked to go to my sister. Am I getting married with my sister? - i doubted to myself. Obviously no, I'm not getting married to my sister. I'm getting married with you, the one that I need yet could not be here just because you have an annual staff party to attend.

The question is: Is this what marriage life going to be?

Worn Out

And it is only 2PM :(


Not everything has be said esp. about the goodwill. It takes the heart to feel and the mind to acknowledge and the act to be thankful.

If you are willing to help, by all mean you already know what is going to make me happy, do it. Asking me if anything you could do to help doesn't help. And I am sorry I had to be mean at times, particularly, this area of being asked for the answer that you already knew. I lost my patient and I had to be short and sharp.

After Work

That Shoes

I'm in love lolz
Picture taken from here

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Things: I like to buy

Hidden Words

You were not here when I needed you. You were not here when I wanted you. Now you come to tell me how much you adore me.

Do you really thing it would erase the memory you had printed in my head? The loneliness you cared nothing about. The madness you did not give a damn to tame it out. These little facts had already been injected into my wounded heart.

You can stop lying to me. You can stop trying. You can just be who you are and do what you want. Just make sure, it does not involve me having to be nice to you. You ought to know that it ain't gonna happen.

Not Tonight

Tonight is not the night.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out of Control

It was a freaking busy day yesterday. And it blocked my mind about being nice and gentle when I, for the first time, had a glimpse of my wedding invitation. My rage was out and about. It was thrown to just anyone and anybody ever came close; let alone, forget what they had to reason to me. I was NOT to listen at that very moment. I only had to scream!

Think back and I couldn't understand WHY but it DID. I hate having to accept the mistake that I've tried to remind ones every now and then not to make; yet, came back to what I had already tried to prevent.

Nothing else could be done beside stop giving myself the expectation. It does no good but a rage that I could not forgive myself for.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bed Choice

I visited many many shops just to find my one likeable bed. Bang Phea and Nak Bang are pretty tired by just walking and looking at all the available beds in all the shops we visited. I couldn't decide. It's this feeling that keeps telling me to keep searching. So I did. I keep on looking until yesterday. Mum really wants everything to be done now and now means today(which was yesterday).

I left the house to find that one bed. Nak rang a friend just to seek more shops so I could have a look at. He gave us direction and we followed. We entered one shop and we were kinda both liking. Yet, the voice inside me told me to keep going. We'll get back if we can't find anything better.

We moved to the last shop and there! We found the bed.

Everything is installed while I'm at work. I rang mum to tell that I'll be home for lunch. And here's what I got:

"Sa-art Nas!" mum commented.

I can't wait to be home to see how nice is the room and everything else inside :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Room Renovation: Phase what?

The big day is drawing nearer. All works become a rush. Certainly, I could not work on anything properly. Either I am picky or nobody could really decide without me. Mainly, it’s a big day and they want it to be the way I pretty much am pleased with. And I’m not too easy to be pleased now (not when I start to have preference). So, I can’t have purple because the only available color is pink or pink. I may choose to pay for the whole new loads for that particular one day and throw it all out in the end. But it’s not how I should/would spend money. I get pretty much frustrated with it then.

So, I took my mind off of it to look at pretty little room, my other project for the upcoming new life. The room had been plastered with new walls and board. Curtain and carpet are already picked. We had cleaned some of the dirt. And I could relax for a moment when looking at the result.

Still, there are few more items to get, two new ceiling lights and a bed. I’ve checked a number of stores in PP and couldn’t find anything that I really like and would definitely go for it. It’s all just ok-ok. I googled and there are just so many choices available outside Cambodia. How unfortunate!

Anyhow, I’m gonna go for a final decision this noon after lunch. Let’s hope I would spot a pretty one and bring it home right after with a big hope that I would be staring with a smile for a long time.

Here’s just something that interest me.It's black and blink!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ain't Right

I hate having to go through all those times we've spent. I hate having to pick every single good moment just to remind how lucky I should be. I hate having to reason myself that what you've done is more than enough. I hate being in this very second when I should be happy, excited, and all the thing that I should be but I'm not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Head

Such a beauty, isn't she!?!
And I want my hair RED!

Sucker Punch 2011

If you love animation, this is a perfect movie for you. But if you don't fancy imagination, I suppose this might be too much. Anyway, I adore everything in the movie. Let's start with the costume, I love Amber's the best :D Then it comes to the pretty actress. The make up is awww... The story line is quite educated. Music is a jump. We almost dance right in the middle of the movie lolz... and everything else just goes very well together. The art work is amazing, well, it might not be as crystal clear as Avatar is famous of, but it's one hell of a work. Make it short, I LOVE IT!