Thursday, December 14, 2006

Unable to but another good news came

My dream of going to Siemreap had just passed away (lolz) but then my principal called me and says, you passed and you can enjoy your time at the wedding today. Hahahaha... I'm laughing to myself, thinking if I ever let sth undone when it's a need? I'd say never though the done job is not a well one. I'm feeling releife since I don't have to attend that strict course again yet sort of regret by not being able to go to Siemreap. But i'm happy since my twin-sis will be able to as i'm going to take all her responsibility. I'll be a good daughter, good sis, good aunty, and what else? i don't know lolz...

One bad and good NEWS

Today, i got a call from my twin-name friends telling that I need to attend a Freedom of Speech Course again since I didn't turn in all the paper needed. The course require 4papers and absent no more than 2times. The course will start today, December 14. Yet I need to attend a friend's sister wedding. It doesn't sound important, I know. But I already promised him to go. Plus, I will be with my-someone. It means I have only one more time to miss. Not that I want to but I'm afraid there might be another absent from me since this month is a busy month for me. I'm feeling bad once I heard it.

Later, I got another call from her. This is surprise! She said I'm in the shortlist for JP scholarship (Geez... I was told to be failed already) Then I asked, "Why would I be?". She replied "One of the candidate gave up (that one is my friend who already is a reserve for fullbright scholarship) and I am a reserve". Ah... I'm happy though I know I won't be able to compete with the other 4 (2 of which are my friends, whom I know clearly their ability).Along with the happiness of being in the list, I am worried because this is another work I needed to do. (All the needed things are those to satisfy myself that I will be happy once I got it. But not when I'm in process of trying to get it lolz...)

Ok, this is it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006



December 13, 2006

If you're considering making any kind of purchase right now, just don't let yourself get too carried away. Your creative energies could be amazingly high and your desire for romance should be on the rise as well. You might want to think about taking some kind of art class since you could be on the verge of heading down some new creative path.

I'll show you my-some-kind-of-art hahahaha... wait till i'm home first kekeke...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

While viewing picture, I came accross this picture and wanted to post it here. It was like about a month ago on a weekend. Well, the reason of taking this picture is that this Ministry appears to be the only nice place I love and wish to work for. Though I know it's not easy to achieve but I have this goal. One day, I'll be there :)

I'm going to get you

I've been using my Mini-desktop (My big-and-heavy-Laptop) for around 3years already until now. I love it though it's not easy to carry around and its look is not as modern as I want it to. But since it sucks now, I'm gonna buy a new one lolz...

At first, I wanted to buy a laptop, but when I went into that shop, I love the desktop more. Plus, it's more expensive than the laptop, so yeah, I came home and asked dad for that cool-desktop-I-called. And I'm saving for that laptop later hahahaha...

Anyway, I haven't yet bought it. Will show you once I did ;)

The more i think of it the more i want it hehehehe....

Happy to play Bowling

Me: Happy Happy!!! Cos winning ro hot hahahah...
Nak: Too happy cos his smile is soooooooo big hahahaha....
Den: Er.... He's tired already, i guess hehehehe...

Ketya, Chhorng, Bro, Me

Win Win


Monday, December 11, 2006

A little stupid look from ME~*

Hi5 love icons

Sth for NEW YEAR

It's a party for this up-coming new year. Just like I always do, designing the logo. But I'm not sure if this one is good enough to be used. There will be another logo made by my sis' friend. She(actually he) is good with it. All her works are great and yeah, I don't think my design is needed. But well, at least it can be posted in my blog. So yeah, just have a look! ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It was my time

BUT, now is not my time. I actually thought I would feel stress and lonely no more when December came. However, it's unlike what I've thought cos it's not windy, no cold breeze in early morning, no walking under the sun with the wind blowing through the hair, no bla bla bla that I wished for. Well, since it goes this way. I shall take a step to where I belong, my path. What's my path? My path is the opposite of what I've mentioned.

Ok, I lost concentration again. Just now I thought I could finish a good writing but now, it will end up with an unfinished-no-good one lolz...

Back to my usual world!

I need help!

I really am going nuts! Nothing comes to my mind at all when I really need to write. I am seeking for my talent back but all I got was a stupid writing as what I am doing now. I really need to get a good writing or that crazy thought would going round and round again in my head. It is now :( HELP!!!!

Seriously, I need to learn how to write again.