Thursday, July 28, 2005

on da way back home... Posted by Picasa

selfservice in car lolz... Posted by Picasa

neh!!! dis is my new fren name darita... she's my hi5 fr dat i met on dat graduation ceremony, was so surprise!  Posted by Picasa

ok, m with her, liz.. my beautiful fren! Posted by Picasa

i love ur style alot dat i take a pic of ur back kekeke.... Posted by Picasa

Little Sopha or Srey Troip kekek... she look so cute... ok, i wanna tie my hair dat way too... ;-) Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah!! She got it! ;-) Posted by Picasa

y i took dis pic? u no? Posted by Picasa

Me Liz, her frinds n her sis.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally, I'm here in PP. I was out of town for 4days that it was so bored to have stayed mostly at the hospital, eating those disgusting food, meeting those stupid people in a pulluted country. Never had I wanted to live in any other country beside my own, where I could enjoy my time with my friends and family. Also never had I felt that ppl in my place are others beside those who a not in here...

Er... what was I talking about just now? I don't know lolz... anyway, now loging for the trip on Sautrday and Sunday. It must be really fun, I hope ;-)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tomorrow Last Paper

Last paper is coming hehehe... I'll be free after that. How nice?

Well, today paper was really bad as I really know nothing about that subject. Seriously, I'll need to take supplimentary exam :( So lazy lolz... [Sight]:hum... Whatever!!!

I came home early than usual as my brother needed his car back. Then I spent my time on designing some pic, not sutdying lolz... I just don't understand myself why I seem so careless about my exam. Though I knew I need to study hard or else I won't be able to go to another year still I do nothing with it. Maybe overloaded now lolz... Not yet gone crazy hahaha... don't worry :P

Now I should review some lesson for CE. But just as usual, I never review anything then go to sleep heuy na :P hahaha...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Preparation Break Day

I'm so free recently that I woke up really late this morning.

Just watch a movie after lunch that is Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Quite later than others; however, it's not too late to see lolz... Not yet finished the movie properly I went out with my bro's gf. As the place that she needs to go is quite far she needs me to help in driving lolz... also she wants companian for the reason that it's her first time to have a try in cam. for a TV program. Well, she did quite well. Also she seems not to nervous at all when people around. If I were her at that time I would have done nothing but stun hahaha... I have no confident at all while she got it.

Well, I feel glad to have time spending with her because she's someone special to my brother. U know, I wish I could do that with Ur sister as well but it seems impossible as Ur sister's age is quite far from me that our favorite might be diff.

I had dinner alone as when I came back everyone had it already...

Now writing journal to kill the time that I'm waiting to see a movie in TV kekeke... too free that have time to watch TV now lolz...

Anyway, wish U all the best and hope U'll be fine soon.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Fairwell party for Lec. Romny

What is better than to have fun? I feel so glad that I did enjoy so much with the party that is celebrated this afternoon. It was so nice, all food, environment, and people. you know, there were many singers hehehe... they are my friends and lec. lolz... I just realize more and more that all A3.1 students are not only good at studying but also at singing (excluding me lolz...). This is too not only student but also Lec. Ah... so nice to hear her sing. So beautiful!!!!

After that we went to Parkway. Ooh... Ah... Ouch!!! [Screaming]...[laughing]... [more] guess what is that? LOlz... Bumping Car!!!

Enjoy seeing pics below that is taken just this afternoon. So sad that my cam had no more batt. that can't take any pic at Parkway. However, still got quite a number of pic to see. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sida & Pheap Posted by Picasa

Nice stand, Sida-- Still beautiful though hair is all over her face ;-)-- Cool style Pheap Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah, finally there is me hehehe... It's the only pic dat have all of us in there... oOpz!! Forgot dat Bunleang left early dat there's no him...  Posted by Picasa

Ladies Show!!! Posted by Picasa

Clapping boys... Posted by Picasa

Dancing!!!! Posted by Picasa

Widely smile from Sopha while Serey is trying so hard to sing lolz.. Posted by Picasa

Dat must be really hard to breath :-P Sorry that it's a bit blur... Posted by Picasa