Friday, June 30, 2006

Leave me alone

I need a rest.

I wonder...

I wonder why god give birth to such an idiot person like you, kouprey, Phalla, working for a project to preserve wildlife in Ratanakiri province.

I don't need your constructive comment and don't call me pretty girl. I know who I am. You don't have to tell me.

Hate to say bad word to older people but never regret to use it on a person like you.

You should be proud to have me posted this especially for you. BUT one thing to tell, you are no longer welcome here. Easy to spell, G-O A-W-A-Y!!!

Note: He named hiself as Kouprey, NOT me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm tired with blog

Tell u wat? I don like to be told to do things i know i should do and i hate to hear ppl complaining that i'm such a bitch spending and enjoying life while the rest, or majority, are suffer. I also feel disgust when ppl asking if i ever thought of others. u know, not saying doesn't mean i don do. but i'm not telling u that i'm doing sth. don confuse, please. i feel bad and my word are bad, so my writing is like this. but who cares? it's my blog. who doesn't like it just leave it. u know, i feel tired of blogging in here since ppl tend to think i'm such a waste. it's just me. and please mind ur biz. i don feel like being kind now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

All about SHOPPING

Hum... Guess what? I've been shopping almost everyday within a week. It was a real shopping, not shopping for window hahaha... Ok, I adore shopping and I enjoy it a lot. Well, somehow, other people won't do as much as I do cos they might don't like it or probably they think it's a waste to do so. Hum... Whatever! It's none of my business nor would it be theirs hahahaha... I don't actually needed to shop since I've just got presents from friends, family, and special one hehehe... [Really, I love what he sent me. I'll surely wear it and wear it and wear it hehehe... It's nice and it will be looking good on me hehehe... despite it's a little big :P] Still I wanna shop and shop and shop shop shop... TOooo Bad, I know. But who knows? I'm bad with that hahaha...

Er... the topic is shopping but i tend to have nothing else to say now. Hum... I wonder if i should describe everytime I shop during the week. Nah... I don't think I should nor would I do hehehe... Just as usual, lazy, frequent reason. SO end it up here and I'll post sth new next ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday To US

It's time to get birthday wish as well as present hehehe.... I love this moment of all within a year =))