Monday, March 31, 2008


Never again would I move the house. It was damn tiring though there are lots of help from Ricky, B.Phy, and Yeng. Could not imagine doing it on my own. Guys, thanks a million ne!

Now struggling for internet. It should have been alot easier if ... well, let's forget it for the if would never work.

Ok, now using school PC. Sucks! As always esp when it display in this stupid language and that I have to use this stupid keyboard. I have tons of thing to complaint from now until I get the connection at home again. Watch out!

PS: Don't wait up to see me online cos I'll be stuck at home, cleaning, cooking, and lots more...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Step Up 2 the Street

My Comment: LOVE IT!!! The dance is amazing and no scence is boring. You know you gotta see this!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


You see everything? The flower is given by Ricky when I was in the graduation Party. I went to get some bread and apple juice (my regular breakfast and lunch lolz...) just after I left the graduation ceremony. High-heel is ok but high heel walking up the hill was killing me lolz... So I had to pull it out while walking up and I know every car pass by look at me hahaha... Luckily, I'm not Japanese, one who kills themself for beauty (oOps! No offense ne!). The big package is from my Twin Sis, touch touch. It's bigger than I thought. I actually thought of only chocolate but there are shirt, short, chco, letter, and a dress which I wore for that evening party ^_^ Love them all. And the bag, too old to describe about. Let's just leave it there hehehe...

Graduation Ceremony

1st experience joining Graduation Ceremony in here. It was wow... Loy! Except the fact that there's no gown #_#

While waiting (we were late due to some reasons, so we have to wait outside for the graduand to come out)

Our Beloved Senior, the 5 Super Stars hehehe....

Girls in mission

Wanna know what our mission is?

Follow us!

With Bang Dara

With Bang Vannak

With Bang Rachany

With Bang Chantha

With Bang Phea


Mission accomplished!

Behind the scene

Real Picture of the very cute couple ^_^

(My sis exclaimed, isn't he staying in Tokyo? I said: yes, his body is. However, his heart stays here in Nagoya hehehe...)

Smart Ladies

(Was trying to squiz in for that name hehehe...)


???CSAN Vs CSAJ???

ME~* and My Senior Sa-art ^_^

Last but not least, I gotta tell you this...

Ot graduate kor ban flower ning ke de... thanks ne RICKY!!!

Guys!!! Is this your day??? (I wonder... hahahaha...)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't wanna be nice

Seeing things in two ways doesn't mean I can choose the right
one. It's tiring to keep thinking of what is a should and what is not. Every
time I try to do the should, it was difficult but I arrived somewhere that is
believed to be a goal, I wasn't satisfied. I expected to be appreciated. I
expected to be noticed. I wasn't. And I was discouraged.
Could everything be such a discouragement? Of course not.
There are two saying of the result I got. I took the opposite of possitive.
Though other would have seen it differently, I don't bother thinking it twice.
The beliefe of first impression stays strong in thought.
I was cricticized. I have to admit, it's not at all at my
pleasure. Too easily offended. Always place it on myself and think that I am
thought to be not good. None actually had said it but expression shows it clear
with my own preception.
So I was said to always self-talk. It sounds creepy. Really,
it is. Btw, You gotta know why did I do that.
The part of not wanting to be nice is just another experiment
of life. Decent changes would make it be more interesting, a voice cam through.
Shall I or shall I not?

Sorry, it's a combination of thought. Couldn't tell what I'm trying to say here hehehe...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I write that name today, the picture was drawn ages ago. Didn't know when but no more available pages, then writ it on same one tov.

Get back to drawing

I don't draw that Stitch Picture. Not that talented.

Friday, March 21, 2008

"You sexy, little creature. I just cannot help to desire you!"

Sambo.P (2008)

I just miss her badly recently. I wanna go home again lolz... just to kiss and kick hahahaha....


I thought you understand but you don't. That doesn't matter. There has nothing to do with you. I'm just being a little too sensitive. But well, I guess, I shall get your hint. Twice is enough. Not gonna bother having you to fear me again. I shall learn to live without you. After all, it was memories that I don't wanna remember. Not even if it was a good one.

Missed AGAIN

No clue doesn't mean not going to hehehe...
Now she's engange and I'm gonna miss her wedding too T_T
Btw, CONGRATS, dear!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

Traditionally, due to our culture, it's very critical to choose a bridesmaid. I'm not going to the detail. Anyway, the way of asking itself is complicated. I remember when my sis was asked to be a bridesmaid, the bride's mother need to talk to my mum and had this little conversation and seek agreement from my sister in order to have her stay by her daughter side during the wedding. The speech was formal and wow... I don't think I ever be able to be that polite.
But hey, the above card looks so simple. I guess, this is quite a good idea hehehe... isn't it?

Graduation & Farewell Party

No meeting with no goodbye; likewise, today is a day for one and all who is on their way back home to pursure another goal of life; yet, to say goodbye to those who stays. It was pretty sad at the moment of Experience Sharing Session. It was hard to hold back the tear and emotion that one's heart was crying and falling deep in memories. Though I couldn't fully see nor understand the exact feeling he had, but I was touched. Bang Phea, we'll miss you and the joke you always have for us to laugh. Good luck to all, btw.

Waiting for graduand to be seated ^_^

MC, Seila

CSAN President, Kanharith

10 Seniors!

DUONG Chantha

KONG Sam Onn

HENG Sophea


NGIM Sokrachany

NGOV Peng Huy

NONG Sovannak

Chim Samnang


IN Dara

Pizza (I made it, just topping and heat it lolz... Thanks to Kanharith for cutting the saucesage, to Yeng for topping, and Bang Samrach for slicing it ^_^)

CONGRATS to all the 10 Seniors!!!



Slide Show

Cheat, Accountant, KomPong Tea Loy Hahaha...

Khmer-American, Bang Meth (sorry, I already forgot how to spell his name hehehe...)

Dance Dance Dance

Rom Vong

Female DJ? (They were trying to find their favorite song only lolz...)

Time to wash the dishes (But there were only two who did it. I was busy taking picture hehehe...)

CSAN Committee 2008