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Time flies...

He's back!

I wonder why

Still ME...

New DC again!

A rose of love~*

4th day

It was just a past

He's coming!!!!

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Will it be???

Happy Family

Sth different

Sth different

A day after a happy day

I don't know what I'm saying

I really think you should learn how to park your car

What a happy day? :D

I'm talking about Wednesday

Real bored!

Phcum Ben Day


Finally be able to be online ;)

With Mum

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Quitte a fun day ;)

New pic for you to see ;)

Plaster is used :D

Hong Kong?



Smile appears on my face because of you :)

Better to talk

Had a little fun with cutie niece ;)

I got BAD feeling after reading all those stupid comments