Monday, August 27, 2007


No more going to HK for some reasons. So headache. Why couldn't people take it easy and you know, RELAX. Problem is everywhere. It could happen any time. Solution will be here later. Just wait and that's all. Be calm and Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plan is subjected to change, anyway.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Going to HK?

Destination: HONG KONG
People: 9 People
Departure date: September 1, 2007
Arrival date: September 4, 2007
Period: 3nights 4 days

Expense in detail:
Air Ticket: 310 (return ticket)
Tax: 18
Visa: 30
Hotel: 100 (for 3 nights in a share room)
Taxi: 20 (back and forth from Airport. That also share)
Disney Entry: 80 (for 2 days)
Food in Disney: 80 (for 2 days)
Food outside Disney: 70 (for 2 days)
Train: 20

TOTAL: 728 US$

Anyone wanna help with the budget?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

FUN @ Koh Thom

After seeing my friend off I went to Koh Thom to eat Banh Chev at my friend's collegue's house. It was nice though there were kinda little meat inside the Banh Chev lolz... So, here we go again to have fun!

My Cane Juice. It was very fresh and sweet. One glass for 500 Riel and buy one glass get one glass free hehehe... So you see? 2 glasses of Cane Juice for only 500 Riel.

Kanha (Enjoy eating Egg)
Kunthy (Enjoy drinking Cane Juice)

Cheat (the best shot for the day!)

Rath (always with good smile and style)

Bang Samay (Gentle always)

M3~* (er... whatever!)

Washing the dish together. I can't remember when I last did it. It was somehow sounds like years to me. Anyway, it was fun and that's a return for those who've cooked us Banh Chev :)

Orange Srok Khmer (Kroch Poh Sat)

Bang Samay is about to eat hehehe...

A oun bey thngey!

Eating eating...

Eak Eak hahaha...

Off Charya goes

Here we are, at the spot to say goodbye. She's the first to leave the group (NGB). Don't confuse, she's leaving for good. And soon she'll be back. However, by then, another two will be gone. We've been together for 3 years. Studied and seen one another almost everyday though our class was one or two or three times a week. As a matter of fact, we did have a study group together working on our assignment, mid term, and final. It was quite sad to never again (for at least 3 years) that we'll never been together as a group. Hopefull, by our return everybody could meet up and have fun as we had always do. With love to Charya!


Cheat & Charya

With Kunthy

With Bang Samay

M3~* and Her

With Rath

With Kanha

So happy to get the ring!

Almost in tears!

Final Goodbye!

So bad that one member was lost due to the workload she got to do as a bigger sis in the family. Poor her but well, she at least made a call. Pai Pai Charya

Saturday, August 18, 2007

From Kompot to Kean Svay

The plan was made to be going to Kompot and spending the night at the lake where the view is more than beautiful; however, it changed lolz... It turns out that we could only go to Kean Svay due to no Cook hhahahaha...

Below are pictures taken on that day :)

Pheak and Samphy

Patric and Mony

M3~* and the other while shopping for food.

Lok Ta was singing A Yay... I spend quite a sum for him but I would never give a Riel for beggar for you know, begga do nothing beside asking. Unlike this old man who tries to work for his living... See the difference?

M3~* and the fruit behind.

These are The Best Club friends. They are not my classmate but we are in the same club study for years. I couldn't imgaine myself doing that at the time. You know me, never been hardworking but I was the leader hahaha... Can say, it is the only group I lead and did make the best of it. Now, there are 3 of us pass the scholarship, one working for the Ministry and the rest are working for some law firm and other business company...
From left to right: Pheak, Pisey (non-member), Sinith, Patric (teacher and Lawyer from US), Samphy, Mony (non-member), M3~*

One last shot before leaving.

We had a great time! Thanks to everybody to have made the day joyfull ^_^

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sinith's Wedd

Today, meeting my old friend online, he share me the picture we tood on Sinith's Wedding. All pictures are good, ain't they?

Since Sinith's Wedd

Everybody's coming to JP?

It excites me when I keep hearing people saying they are going to JP. Now let me tell you about it: the first I've heard of is my cousin who is working with my big bro. They said to go for a two weeks training in JP; plus, my little cousin who would accompany her sis. Hearing such a chance, my elder sis wouldn't hesitate for she's so inlove in travelling. She at once asked if she could join the trip. Not only my sis who is interested in such a get away, my cousin friend, then said she wanna go too. A rought calculation: 5 people are going to JP.
Later at night, I got this offline message saying he's selected for Monbusho's Scholarship. He sounds excited and thanks goodness, my encouragement works for him. I'm so happy to hear this; however, I wouldn't say it's the best news for his girlfriend. But well, it's all like in my case.
Just then this morning, i got another call from my friend who is working at the same place as my brother and cousin, saying he's going to JP for 2 months training. Gosh! I'm not gonna be lonely. There are tons of family and friends who are going to JP. Despite just one reason, the ticket to my place is damn expensive! Please, whatever the thing is, make them go to see me once they landed JP land hehehe...
That's all the thing to share. Waiting to hear, who's next going to be there!
PS: (Is it you, SIS?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be Strong

For almost a month, I've been acted like a jerk. From now on, I shall go back to my sense. I'm not a toy. I shall stay strong. Let out these tears wash all the sadness and demand. Let's bring back the smile on the face and enjoy the life I have left. You know, you made me this way.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Charya's Farewell

A cool woman is about to be gone to Michigan. Before it's too late we celebrate a party at K&T Rest. I was more than full that night haha... Thanks dear for such a big dinner and safe and nice trip to Michigan!

Below are pictures during the dinner:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday Evening!

I had such a great friday evening which i can't wait to write it down.

It is usual that our firm have a drink at 4pm every friday (Friday Drink). Today is special for there is a birthday of a woman who's one month pregnant. She loves chocolate as much as I do that is why the boss sent her a 4 size of bar of chocolate. She loves it. We all wrote her a birthday card as well. It's pretty cool, isn't it? She was very happy (can tell from her wide smile on her face lolz...)

Almost the party end my BF, Nak, brought me a box of chocolate. He knows I love it that's why he gave me all hehehe... Happy to see him also cos haven't seen him quite a while (just a day is more than long already lolz...) Thanks, honey!

Next, I went home to change cos I was in office till 6.30 (as I gotta done it on time).

I, then, went to Parkway to play bowling. It was quite fun though there were only 5ppl from the firm. They are Manager, Associate, Senior, Intern, and Me, Paralegal. I at first lost misserably that my senior made a bet by giving me 20point extra. Hahaha... I win by the extra and another 1 point =)) I won a box of chocolate then. Still he wanna bet. Well, yeah! I then said yes cos I was sure that I at least got 100. with another 20 extra, I wouldn't at all have to worry. So.. again, I won!!! 2 box of chocolate await. It's gonna be shared within the firm hahahha... Cool eh?

Next, I went to my bro rest., MN Cafe, for dinner. I met my mum's doctor family there. I was so surprise to see them. But what was more, I even met DAD there. He brought his friend. He told me he met the JP embassy that evening. He told him about me also. Well, that's nice cos I'll need to apply for a visa soon. Hopefully, having heard of me first would help me get a visa easily hehehe...

I also met Phatey there. What a surprise! She was there with friends but I didn't know it was her who coming lolz... So, i greeted her and her friends. Looks like they like the place. Nice to see that hehehe.. Hopefully, she'll bring more and more of her friend there.

***Ok, waiting for your call. You really should be home by now.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Liny's BD

I did quite a number of activities on Sunday. One was Celebrating Liny's 23rd Birthday. She left my twin an offline message saying it was her first Birthday Cake. Cool! Ok, enjoy the Pic below: