Ninja's BD

Ninja is a wild tigress. She is a good friend of mine. I found her in the wood while I was looking for food (haha...). The truth is we were colleague at S&A and have been friends since 2009. Even though I no longer with S&A, we still hang out all the time.

2 May is her birthday. We had an intimate celebration the night before (which left us all hangover the day after) and today she hosted a bigger birthday celebration i.e. high tea birthday at FCC. It was a nice and classic birthday celebration. We simply had tea and snack, chit chat, sharing information, getting to know one another and just had a good time. Following are just few pics to share: 
 Nin, the Birthday Girl!

Snack and card
We're given card to wish her birthday. That's thoughtful for guest who forgets to buy one for her (lol)

Birthday girl and S&A team
Mary, Ninja, Navy, Me~* and Nary


  1. Can I join next time? i would love to be a very good listener and eater. lol

  2. yeah. nin won't mind as long as you'll be here next year in may.


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