Vutha & Linda

I still remember the time I, among the other, were invited to a number of hang out only to realized later the couple were real but wasn't sure when the invitation has stopped coming in (haha...). 

I witnessed their encounter and the spark. How glad I once again witnessed another milestone of their journey together. Congrats Vutha and Linda!!!

B.Pheap, Pisey, Phearin, Rithy, Chhaya, B.Huoy, Chhoun and ME~*

With the Couple!

Chhoun, ME~*, B.Huoy, Bunseang, Mara, Phearin, B.Pheap, Runny, Chhaya and Pisey

Samourn, Mara, Rithy, Vutha-the-groom, Navoath and Bunseang