I'm back with few words

It's been only about two weeks since I left here but I felt it was like ages. I still don't have peace in mind cos people keep giving me comment and telling me what I should do. I'm sorry, i'm not capable enough to earn a living for myself yet so I'm not that kind to share all I got to the poor people. However, my family, more specific, my parents did. They didn't even just do what you, few of you, had done. It's much more than that. And I believe people who knows it knows it. But those don't know will never know it ever. Excuse me, I'm showing off.

By the way, everything has its own scope and limit and mine, my blog, is about FUN. Just as you may see on the right side. Also, all the post in here are about ME cos the title of this blog is LPP. That's a nick i gave myself. So my writing always is about my daily life seeking for FUN. So please stop telling me i should do sth in here to promote my country. I have my own way and you got urs. Thus, just let me do it in my way.