Movie day

Being home all day was not at all fun but at least, i can feel like being home. Guess what i did? Slept half of the day, woke up for luch, talked with mum, watched movie with sis, and bla bla bla... it was all at home, that's what I wanna tell lolz...

By the way, I finished season 1 of the OC by 8pm, i think. It was not a satisfy ending. I'm gonna get the second season soon lolz... Anyway, my eyes are kinda hurt cos you know, it was 7espisode and each last about 43mns. You can help me do the caculation for how long did i spend on staring at the screen... OH.. and plus, 90mns for another movie i watched with my sis ;)

Oh... forgot to tell, my sis prepared me dinner. She brought it up for me too. It was cool. Bread, butter, bacon, apple juice, rosemarry, banana, and chocolate (i love the most, esp. the one she brought me that day). It was really really delicious... I love it when she made it for me hehe... thinking back, I kinda never done anything like this for her hahaha... actually, you know, i just don't want her to be a liar and being in a hard situation cos she would tell me that the food is nice though she would find it very hard to swallow my food in hehehe... thoughful of me, rite?

Anyway, this is it.