I'm worried

I have no idea of what is going on with him. He acts as one that I have never known before. I feel he is avoiding me. He occupied himself with work and all the other stuff so that it could be the reason of not talking to me. Everytime I try to speak to him, he said the connection is down, he cannot get the message, he doesn't understand what I mean, he thought I am busy, and sth like that. Was it because I chose to be a good daughter? That doesn't mean I choose not to be a good girlfriend, though maybe I am that not a good one already. I do not know what actually is the reason but the thing is he is quiet, that always is a sign: He is down and upset. Well, he told me he is down. But there always is a talk cos that always is his way to find a solution. However, this time he says nothing. This is not HIM. And I am so worried of what is it in his mind? Nothing would not make him being quiet. I seriously have no idea when I found no clue at all of what is going on there.


  1. There is nth wrong to worry. I have just been so depressed with the surrounding. It is not because of that reason at all...Not to worry..

  2. oh Phors, i think he must be has something unusual with his job or maybe his family's eco, try to find the answer. or sometime coz of he loves you so much or maybe he jealous you with someone, find the answer.
    Its just my thinking...

  3. it's good to care about him, but sometime everybody need a space which he could being himself all alone on his own way.

    sometime it could be dangerous if you try to get close to him, in the moment that he want to be alone or he might be accoupied by other things.

    but as he mentioned. do not worry.

    i am glad that you two can express very how you feel for each other.

    let's cheer up :)


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