Writing Problem

I got problem with my writing now. You know why? Cos I write too much. I keep on writing here and there, (not to mention there are many blogs of mine hehehe...) all are about everyday life, feeling, and stuff like that. But I rarely write a formal one. I mean those called Academic Writing. I've learnt alot about it in school, and I used to write them alot as well for assignment but HEY!!! Look at my writing now. It seems like I'm talking not writing, don't you think so? I've gone through many writing from various writer. All I could learn easily are those from novel, blog, or journal and bla bla bla... But once it came to something like er... what's the word? I don't have a clue, but that something is called FORMAL writing. I just found it hard to write the same. I can't even copy the style :(

Oh... Anyway, have I told you yet about my Practicum Journal? It was funny when I read my Supervisor comment. He said,"I enjoy reading your Journal but it seems you are writing novel not Academic Writing". Hahahahahahahaha.... FUNNY!!!! I couldn't believe he found out about that. But well, I confess, that wasn't my completed work. I wrote those for ideas only. I thought I would re-write when I have time. But as the Practicum end, I left it nowhere until the due date to submit came, and I just copy and Print it out for him hehe... (I'm telling you my bad point again :( )

Er... I lost what I intended to write already.... Just look at my writing, MESSY would be the best to describe it :P

So long....


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