Why would I title this post by my name? I don't know, it just appears when i double click the title space hehe... so yeah, let it be then.

Guess what I wanna tell? The plan changed. I plan to go to SG on 4 and back on 7 but there's no ticket availble. Heck!!! I called my fr and let her book it for me since 2weeks before but hell! There's no promotion until the end of Oct. So the price is around 500$. Far beyond my ability lolz... and so is my bro's fr. But look at the price for budget airline, 200$ sth. I would take that but Jeezzz!!! My sister refused to take that airline. No comfort and smelly, she said. Then yeah, OK. Wait for the promotion which the price will be out at the end of Oct. Damn it!!! There's no promotion for this season. So 500$, take it or leave it!!! I wouldn't have that much. I called my sister if she got a way, she said her husband can help but says the price, 800$ (Biz. Class). Why on earth would I be able to afford that? So there's no way would I be able to go on 4 :(( HELP!!!

Anyway, I'll go to meet my friend and discuss about the ticket after work. I might be able to go on 5th and back on 10th for a fair price: 227$. This causes problem to my bro's fr though cos she supposed to be back to work on 8 lolz... Pray for ME!!!


  1. I think JetStar Asia is pretty nice. There might be no food served, but it should be alright for a 1 hr 45 min flight.

    But, well, maybe it's a different case for you guys.

  2. yeah, i also think like you do but not my sis lolz...

  3. High class ladies.. :) Well, I hope everything will be settled. Do have a blast there for me. :)

  4. oh hey! lady not ladies (me not counted kekeke...) ok, everything is settled... gonna have a big blast but how can it be for u tov? :-? hehe...


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