It was my time

BUT, now is not my time. I actually thought I would feel stress and lonely no more when December came. However, it's unlike what I've thought cos it's not windy, no cold breeze in early morning, no walking under the sun with the wind blowing through the hair, no bla bla bla that I wished for. Well, since it goes this way. I shall take a step to where I belong, my path. What's my path? My path is the opposite of what I've mentioned.

Ok, I lost concentration again. Just now I thought I could finish a good writing but now, it will end up with an unfinished-no-good one lolz...

Back to my usual world!


  1. nice photos in this blog...

  2. Merry Christmas to you!!! Times always change, and if it is our time it will stay with us as a great everlasting souvenir. Your unfinished-no-good writing is clear enough to convey your main point, no matter how you conclude it. I guess, think positively about the prospect and care for something happy for your life now both work and pleasure/fun would be great option at this time. It is your turn to make your life happy. Let smile na... :D Take care!!!


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