One bad and good NEWS

Today, i got a call from my twin-name friends telling that I need to attend a Freedom of Speech Course again since I didn't turn in all the paper needed. The course require 4papers and absent no more than 2times. The course will start today, December 14. Yet I need to attend a friend's sister wedding. It doesn't sound important, I know. But I already promised him to go. Plus, I will be with my-someone. It means I have only one more time to miss. Not that I want to but I'm afraid there might be another absent from me since this month is a busy month for me. I'm feeling bad once I heard it.

Later, I got another call from her. This is surprise! She said I'm in the shortlist for JP scholarship (Geez... I was told to be failed already) Then I asked, "Why would I be?". She replied "One of the candidate gave up (that one is my friend who already is a reserve for fullbright scholarship) and I am a reserve". Ah... I'm happy though I know I won't be able to compete with the other 4 (2 of which are my friends, whom I know clearly their ability).Along with the happiness of being in the list, I am worried because this is another work I needed to do. (All the needed things are those to satisfy myself that I will be happy once I got it. But not when I'm in process of trying to get it lolz...)

Ok, this is it.


  1. congratz!!! dear! u r awesome! keep the good work!!! miss u so much! let's meet some time soon ok?

  2. Thanks :D and miss u too dear! how about tmr for lunch?


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