"I'm Proud of You"

I had felt sad and so disappointed of myself when every time my parents reminding me to study hard, be their good daughter, and make them proud. I just thought to myself, “Am I really bad to have them say so to me?” “Well, maybe” I am neither a good student nor a good daughter. I had never brought home any pride. I did not even know how to make them laugh with a joke cos I am not really good at talking. This, I know why they keep asking me to work hard. I accept though I am not happy with it.

Later one day when my 3 Uni life begin, they are not yet proud of me but they are happy to see me trying. I felt good then. I start to have a little faith in myself in making them happy. I try and try though it was such a difficult thing for me to do. I kept complaining from day to day but I never quit cos I still have a dream to hear them say “I am proud of you”.

When it almost the end of school year, my life getting tougher. However, I had never given up. It is courage to see them smile when I tell them; I am in shortlist for KR scholarship. My grandma mentioned about that every time she met someone. I smile to myself. I get my grandma being proud now.

Time went by, I done my 2 degrees, when I felt my parents are so happy to see me succeed. I could felt the joy when they see me getting the certificate on stage. My day came after 4 years trying. At the same time, I was selected for the interview and end up with a job I am holding. Not long after that, I was given the chance to be an English lecturer. My mum says “I am so proud of you” not only on my face that there was a smile but also in my heart. My mum keeps telling everyone how great I am to my relative and her friends. Every time I met them, they admire me.

I have met my mum’s satisfaction, yet, not my dad. He still wants me to win a scholarship, to be more specific, JP scholarship. I thought to myself “I might never ever be able to get it since it is impossible for me to get such a difficult thing so I guess that KR scholarship is just enough” However; I still give myself a try.

My mum has faith in me and she believes I would get that JP scholarship. I never trust myself with that, so I just wish and waiting for the result. Now look! I finally met my dad’s wish. My dream comes true. I finally hear him say, “I am proud of you”.


Phileasopher said…
I think the expression your parents mentioned has two angles. It's a matter of how you define it.

You know, some parents couldn't have a chance to say this sentence to their child.

Happy Always said…
congratulation...yes we all believe in you...
Kalyan said…
m proud of u, too. congratulations my dear *hugs*
Kenno said…
I heard this news from your sis. I'm not sure if she had told you this, but I actually said "I'm so proud of her" to your sis. :)

Congratulation, mate!