Monday Plan

08:00 Get up!!!
08:30 Get ready
09:00 Breakfast (Coffee?)
09:30 Wash the dish (any?)
10:00 Seeing Okuda sensei (upon request *i'm in trouble lolz...*)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Wash the dish (hope to have plenty)
14:00 Take a nap
15:00 Packing
16:00 Tic toc tic toc...
16:30 Swimming (yay!)
18:00 Back home
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Reading (what to read?)
22:00 Online
24:00 Sleeping (zzZZZ)


Samnang said…
Swimming in winter? must be indoor!
Sambo Samphors said…
Yeh, don't wanna die young yet :P
Phossdey said…
Swim? I did not know you're swimming!
Sópheak said…
Why stay up so late? I will feel asleep in office if I stay so late like you. But you can get up at 8.00. You are luckier than me. I can sleep only 7 hours a day. Poor me. I want to sleep alot, I hope.
Sambo Samphors said…
I don't stick to the plan. And this is student's life.
CheaPhal said…
Dun see the cooking hour, but only washing hours. Just wondering hehehe.
Sambo Samphors said…
Hehe... cos my super friend cook. So all i have left to do is wash wash wash :P
KinJP said…
I swim too. lmao

But, hmm I wouldnt post this kind of schedule. I would feel guilty. www