"Letting go" Reapeating the word, my chest beats with pain.

Broken, world left me alone. Helping myself consuming the most air I could, I choked. I closed my eyes trying to forget the moment. You were there by the open door. You gave me one last glance and walked toward the dark tunel. I followed you from afar hoping to get closer but I couldn't. I lost sight of you. There were no more light. The only thing I could feel was my heavy breathing. I tried to walk further. I didn't seem to get anywhere. I kept moving but I still couldn't find a way out. I was there when suddently... I took a deep breath. "This is just a nightmare", I murmured to myself. I took another deep breath and opened my eyes. I'm leaking... through my eyes.


  1. Be strong! dont cry! you will get better in the future! it is just not the right time!

  2. This is just a nightmare. I felt I was reading a novel.

  3. Have a good sleep position, sometimes the temperature in the room is too hot it can suppress your blood's system which can cause a nightmare. Anyway, take care, sis. Love you.


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