D&D's Wedding - Day II Evening

Believe it or not, she beats me (real hard) hahhahaha... និយាយែលងេទ:P

Alright, here are more of her pic. She looked stunningly beautiful on her special day. Smile rarely faded away from her lips. It's just there and I couldn:'t help smiling to myself and think hehe... អត់tell eh haha...

Alright, Congrats sis!!! And Dom too!!!


  1. she looks gorgeous on her silver dress (first photo).

  2. I'm very happy to see her photos . unlucky dat no1 invite me to join on this event !

  3. I like the first photo of her smile. Well caught!!! And also the last one is great with the colors and the angle in which you shot! Well done, lawyer Samphors! :)

  4. lovely shot, btw just got album pictures of bong D&D wedding today :) keep starring at pic, ort nham bay...lol

  5. Lyka: Thank you! ^_^

    Jom, eat tov eh Elen oun! Kompong te skinny pong. kekeke


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