D&D's Wedding - Day II Evening

Believe it or not, she beats me (real hard) hahhahaha... និយាយែលងេទ:P

Alright, here are more of her pic. She looked stunningly beautiful on her special day. Smile rarely faded away from her lips. It's just there and I couldn:'t help smiling to myself and think hehe... អត់tell eh haha...

Alright, Congrats sis!!! And Dom too!!!


  1. she looks gorgeous on her silver dress (first photo).

  2. I like the first photo of her smile. Well caught!!! And also the last one is great with the colors and the angle in which you shot! Well done, lawyer Samphors! :)

  3. lovely shot, btw just got album pictures of bong D&D wedding today :) keep starring at pic, ort nham bay...lol

  4. Lyka: Thank you! ^_^

    Jom, eat tov eh Elen oun! Kompong te skinny pong. kekeke


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