My Flight Home

There was a time when my absent mind presented me to the lack of responsibility (lolz). Yesterday, I missed my flight! Since I had been telling myself, I'll be on my way with my sweetest girl home, I paid no attention to my different time of flight set in my ticket. Thanks to Tro and Khom for asking my flying time, or else, it could been too late to come home or the rest could have spent another 2,000 Yen haha... Yet, we are all LUCKY. The luckiest of all, ME~*

Let me repeat the story:
9.30 AM, I was soundly asleep with my girl, Nha. I stayed at her house, you should have known. 10.00 AM, I finally was awake to get dress for my departure. Baring in my absent mind, I left for my flight at about 11.30 AM. Breathing in the chilly air of Nagoya, I glanced over for the last look of my pretty school, NU. Suddenly, Khom and Tro asked about the flying time. Not having checked my flying time, I pulled my ticket out. That's then, my flight was since 9.30 AM. I rechecked and it didn't change. My eyes are good enough to see or at least, Nitro's glasses couldn't have lied. Plus, Khom's good eyes could really distinguish the number very well, my flight is 9.30 AM.

I missed my flight!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I just quickly made a phone call to my all time ticket provider, Ratana. She could get me the seat from Nagoya to Seoul (yes, I fly Korean Air) but not from Seoul to Phnom Penh. She contacted the airline, still there's no available seat. I couldn't tell myself how to feel or I couldn't think of what to feel for this could lead me to miss the chance of flying six hours with my girl, idly waiting alone at Seoul, trouble at work and bla bla bla. Anyhow, I have to reach the airport first.

Reaching the airport (Chubu Int'L Airport), Seiha provided his fluent Japanese and I could upgrade my flight from Seoul to PP. Anyway, with one condition, a payment of about 45,000 Yen. I know, I would be deadly broke by the time I arrive PP. Still, I just couldn't come back without escorting my bestie. So, that's how it went. The pretty Japanese Girl booked me the prestige class seat; yet, the payment is at Seoul.

Arrived Seoul, I ran straight forward to the Korean Air Ticketing Desk. Surprisingly, the pretty lady could understand my rush of speaking English and found me an Economic seat. Without delayed, I picked the boarding pass, thanked her graciously, and run for the transfer exit.

Finally, I was on the tiny plane with my bestie. Sadly, I and my bestie have different seat number. However, so I thought I was lucky, the old man at my left hand was offered a seat in the front. Thus, he left the seat empty and I couldn't help asking for my bestie to take the seat. Badly, the old man came back for his seat which leaves no more rooms for my bestie :(

However, a generous man offered his seat to us. How sweet!!! Such an understanding man, indeed. Thus, we finally be able to spend the six hours together talking and watching movie keke... It was fun, really!

Now, PP!!!


  1. Can u teach me how to right such long passage?

  2. You sound almost like a lesbian, sis. lolzzzzzz when you address "my girl" sleeping with my girl" ... hahahaha anyway, you're a lucky person

  3. Serious? I could be bi- then haha... Anyway, I know. It turned out just fine and as if I didn't miss my flight at all.

  4. KOKO: Are you saying my post here is too long??? lolz

  5. Oh, what a day!!! After all, you made it. It must be an unforgettable memory for you and Cheat.


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