This Morning

I left my blog untouched again. Just a self-excuse, I was darn busy with wedding preparation, friends' wedding attendance, social gatherings, family hear-to-heart conversations, and you know how excuses flow when one's trying to get out of something.

This morning, I wasn't aware of my own speed when I was heading to the office. Just then I heard the horn was hunk-ing rapidly as if I was going to hit somebody/something. But I wasn't. I was on a straight line where lies a quiet road. Thus, I took no notice. Then it followed with an insult like I've never received before "What the hell are you rushing for?". Translate them into Khmer Market People Language. You might get close to that then. It was from two boyish in manner yet manly in age.

I turned my wheel to the right, hit the motor. Obviously, hit the two as well. I got off and stand there staring at the pain they deserve. I guess it made me feel a whole lot better. After all, they are paid for what they asked for. Shouldn't they know screaming like a wild animal as if the country has no moral would prove me wrong? Maybe.

I woke up from my malice thinking and slowed down. Amend my stupidity.


  1. Oh ... this shall be passed, sissy. Take care. Love you

  2. ouch :| well, i guess...just lik bong touch said..this shall be passed...


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