Flowers and ME~*

This year birthday oddly surprises me. I received 3 bunches of flower from my friends. With that fact, I feel a lot like a woman. It also gives me this vibe that age may not just be a number (I still believe it does apply in some other cases though). It seems to have departed me from the individual whom I used to be. I found flowers beautiful. I found flowers elegant. I found flowers lovely. I found flowers to be a real tool to ease my mood and brought peace into my head/heart by looking at it.

If only the florist could deliver just one rose a day to my office. 
Isn't that a beautiful way to start the day?

 From Kanha
 From Nin and Nary
From Cheat

Rose is my favorite


  1. Oh dear, I always do wish there is a surprising rose at my desk every morning too.

    Or is it what the June-born have in common? :)

  2. How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? *-^

  3. PhaPha: We're Gemini. Guess that explains it?
    Rath: Good reasoning! Haha...

  4. Touch: You're lucky in your own way ;)


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