Friday Celebration

Friday is here once again. For that, I had a celebration with my colleague at Mangosteen for lunch.
Here we all are with our Rosé
B.Phal, Nin, B.Theary, ME~* and B.Rachany

And then dessert at Brown
I had hot tea with Royal Chocolate Cake

After work, I went for yummy steak at Stonegrill
And I made the decision for a bottle of Champagne for three. You never know how hard I fought for that bottle lolz...

And here we are with the only shot we have


  1. why did you have to fight for the bottle ?

  2. i want a bottle for three. they reasoned they can't take up to one bottle for three. but the price for two glasses of champaign equal to one bottle. so i won haha...


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