Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ELBBL Graduation

Took me only three years to finished the course but it took me five years just to wait for one piece of paper called Certificate. Shouldn't I enjoy the day very much!

Before entering into the hall, my colleague came to congrats me :) How nice of them! 
Nary, ME~*, Mary and Nin

Family Support ^_^


After the formal function, ELBBL program arranged a lunch for us at Orchid Restaurant
ELBBL gang!

Leaving Orchid Restaurant

Gloria Jean, our 3 hours updates
How complicated our lives are!

All Flowers and Gifts ^_^


Banana said...

Graduation to you!

Banana said...

Graduation to you! Best wish!

Phossdey said...

Jealous, here I am, say it again.